No-Taco Fish Salad

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Portfolio | Oct, 19 2012

No-Taco Fish Salad

Taco shells are full of hydrogenated oils and are made with refined wheat….not something you want to be eating if you are being proactive with prevention or if you are on a healing journey. But you can get creative and have a taco salad without the shell. I love Mexican food with a healthy flair.  With this salad you can change up the fish and the various types of toppings. Be creative and have fun. Bon Appétit.

Chop up organic Romaine lettuce and spinach and place in a bowl.

Add the following:

Baked or grilled wild caught cod or salmon

Organic black beans

Black olives, sliced

Tomatoes, chopped up

Top with fresh Guacamole (simply mash 2 soft avocados with the juice of 1 lime. Add fresh cilantro and garlic and a bit of salt to taste.)

You can also add your favorite organic salsa to top it off. Enjoy!