Quick and Easy Olive Tapenade

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Portfolio | Aug, 12 2013

Quick and Easy Olive Tapenade

A “tapenade” is a word that is derived from the French name for capers – “tapenas”. The original tapenade originated in the south of France and consisted of finely chopped olives, capers olive,  oil and anchovies. In my version of this tapenade, I added fresh herbs and eliminated the anchovies. The olives and the olive oil are a superb appetizer that is a very healthy treat because of the high monounsaturated fats in the olives and olive oil.  These Omega 3’s lower your bad cholesterol, lower your risk of heart attacks and strokes and have anti-cancer properties. Bon Appétit!

In a food processor add the following ingredients:

1 ½ cups pitted and mixed olives (Kalamata and green)

2 cloves garlic, chopped

1 Tbs. fresh chives

2 tbsp. Fresh torn basil leaves

1 tbs. capers

¼ cup extra virgin olive oil

Pulse until finely chopped. Serve with gluten free or raw crackers. This also makes a delicious addition to any fish or vegetable. Enjoy.