Quick and Easy Mini Turkey Wraps

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Grain Free | Sep, 23 2014

Quick and Easy Mini Turkey Wraps

Are you looking for a quick appetizer to serve to your guests or a snack that will leave you feel satisfied? These mini turkey wraps are easy and delicious. The protein from the turkey is filling while the lettuce gives the wrap a crunch. The topping of the green olive, (or you can use a Kalamati olive) give s it an added flair. Bon Appetit!

Always use hormone, antibiotic free meats that were free range and grass fed.

Begin with Crispy Romaine lettuce and lay them on a plate.

Spread mayonnaise and mustard on the lettuce.

Add the sliced turkey and roll tightly.

Slice into quarters, top with 1/2 olive and hold together with a spear or toothpick.

Serve as a snack or appetizer. Enjoy!