Raw Almond Bruschetta Crackers

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Portfolio | Mar, 08 2013

Raw Almond Bruschetta Crackers

I have a new toy in the form of a food dehydrator. I had one 20 years and enjoyed drying extra fruits and vegetables and having them on hand for snacks. However, the raw food movement and recipes for dehydrators have certainly evolved in 20 years. The next few Delectable Dishes will be raw recipes prepared with a dehydrator. For a small investment of about $225, you can add delicious, tasty recipes that will keep you motivated about raw, living foods. These crackers are reminiscent of biting into crusty bread bruschetta!! Bon Appétit!

Soak 3 cups almonds in clean water, overnight

Drain and rinse the almonds

Grind ¼ cup flax seeds. This makes ½ cup of ground flax. Add this to ¾ cup water. Let sit until it is thickened.

While the flax soaks, pulse the almonds in a food processor until finely ground and soft.

Place the almonds in a bowl.

Add the following to your food processor and chop finely:

1 small onion

2 tomatoes

1 red pepper

½ cup Kalamata olives

Add 1 Tbs. balsamic vinegar, 1 Tbs. Italian spices and Himalayan salt to taste.

Mix all the ingredients together.

Spread the dough between 2 non-stick dehydrator sheets with a rolling pin.

Place in dehydrator at 145 F for 45 minutes and then at 115 F for 4 hours.

Flip the sheet unto the screen of the dehydrator and score into squares.

Dry for another 2-3 hours.  Serve with raw cheese or any tasty veggie dips.