Raw Pickles and Sardines

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Portfolio | Apr, 02 2014

Raw Pickles and Sardines

I have never been much of a sardine lover, but I knew that sardines are loaded with Omega 3’s Fatty Acids, B 12, Vitamin D and selenium, so I thought I would experiment with them and see if I could enjoy them.  The nutrients in sardines are linked with lowering inflammation and decreasing Breast Cancer risk. I did a bit of research and discovered that canned sardines packed in Olive Oil are the best to purchase. As with any type of seafood, be aware that the more seafood you consume, the higher your risk for mercury toxicity, therefore enjoy sardines occasionally as a high protein snack. I actually enjoyed this combination!  Bon Appétit!

Place gluten free almond crackers on a plate.
Place a raw, naturally fermented Real Pickle on the cracker.
Open a can of sardines and gently scoop them onto a cutting board. Cut them in half.
Place half of a sardine on the pickled cracker.
Drop a small amount of organic mustard on the sardine.
Voila! A delicious, nutritious and simple appetizer or snack. Enjoy.

  • I make myself eat sardines because of the omega 3’s, I will try this recipe and am sure it will be much better thank plain with nut thins. thanks again for sharing. Can’t wait to read your book!!