Reduce Your Toxic Exposure with Non-Toxic Skin Care

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Blog | Nov, 01 2012

Reduce Your Toxic Exposure with Non-Toxic Skin Care

You are what you eat…..either through your mouth or your skin. The average person is exposed to over 126 toxic chemicals per day through their body care products alone. There are over 10,000 chemicals used in the personal care products and only 13% of these have been tested for safety. 

The skin is the largest “organ” of the body. It serves several functions:

  1. It cushions and protects the deeper tissues
  2. It is a sensory organ to detect pain, pressure and temperature
  3. It helps regulate our internal core temperature
  4. It is the largest organ of elimination

Because of the vast supply of capillaries in the skin, any substance that is applied to the skin inevitably ends up in the bloodstream. If you apply it to your skin, you are then “eating” through your skin. Many skin care products are also ingested through the lips and through inhalation of powders and perfumes.

Some people have the notion that since these products are used in such small amounts, then they could not possibly cause any harm. But consider how the day to day application of a body lotion adds up.

Theoretically, if you applied 1 Tbs. of lotion to your skin every day for 5 years, you would have ingested over 114 cups or over 7 gallons of that lotion into your body. If that lotion contained silicone derived ingredients, petroleum by products, chemical fragrances and artificial dyes, then you are subjecting your body to gallons of toxins that accumulate in your liver, colon and fatty cells. 

There are thousands of chemicals in the personal care products industry. Here are just a few samples of the effect these have on your health:

1. Phenoxyethanol:

Reproductive Toxin

Preservative and fragrance in lotions

2. Parabens:

Reproductive Toxin

Found in Breast Cancer tissue

Preservative in lotions and shampoos

3. Propylene glycol:

Toxic to the Immune System

Used as a humectant and fragrance ingredient

4. Sodium Lauryl sulfate:

Toxic to the nerve system, skin, eyes and lungs

Used as a foaming agent

5. Formaldehyde

Powerful carcinogenic and damages DNA

Used as a preservative

Fortunately, a young woman named Ava Anderson had the courage and insight to speak out about this serious issue. When she discovered that the products she was using were carcinogenic and very toxic, she spoke out. Not only did she do her own research, she took action by creating her own skin care and home care products that are non-toxic and organic,

Ava encourages you to learn more about the issue and look up the toxicity of the ingredients, as well as the disease implications of those ingredients at Skin Deep, created by the Environmental Working Group, reports on over 10,000 ingredients and 74,000 products, based on respected scientific studies from key reporting research groups around the world.

I am thrilled to have discovered this American based company that offers clean, simple products at very affordable prices.

Being proactive with prevention involves taking responsibility for what we put IN our body and ON our body. Start by simply replacing 1 toxic product and introducing an organic and non-toxic product. Before you know it, you will have one less source of toxicity in your life. Be diligent about reading your labels to ensure that your body care products are safe enough to “eat”.




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