Release Negative Emotional Perceptions with EVOX

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Blog | Dec, 10 2017

Release Negative Emotional Perceptions with EVOX

Essential #4, Heal Your Emotional Wounds,  is one of the 7 Essentials ™ and a vital component of any healthy breast journey. We can do a lot of important and even life-changing work on the conscious level such as journaling, cognitive therapy, affirmations and guided imagery. For most, however, a little help on the subconscious level can be the “missing link” for taking your healing path to the next level. Your thoughts and actions are only 5% conscious while the 95% of the subconscious programs are what are really running your life. 

I personally have found the energy medicine modality called EVOX  to be a relaxing and simple way to uncover subconscious patterns that may have held me back in the past. Since I love to experiment with all these wonderful therapies, I met with Eileen Wrobleski, ND, a local practitioner in my area,  to experience first hand what EVOX was all about. 

I found the EVOX sessions to be very relaxing yet very powerful in uncovering layers of subconscious negative patterns and wounds. Healing emotional wounds can be compared to peeling back the layers of an onion.  Eventually you can get to the core issues and release them once and for all. 

Changing Perceptions and Balancing Emotions

EVOX is a new technology that uses the basic concepts of biofeedback in a completely new and advanced way. And while standard biofeedback is effective but can often be costly and time-consuming, a person can often experience significant change for the better in about 5 sessions with EVOX. Often breakthroughs can come after the very first session.

EVOX works at the level of changing perceptions. Our perceptions shape the way we view life and the events that happen within it and this, in turn, determines our reality. Our individual perceptions are important because they help us to understand and interact with the world around us.  Our own unique perceptions about life begin in the womb through the age of 5.  Things we heard or were told by our parents and surrounding community laid the subconscious patterns for us to create our life. Interestingly, we can even “inherit” unhealthy patterns and perceptions genetically from our ancestors!

However, when our perceptions about life get formed, the results are the same: “thought patterns” are created which shape our present reality.  In scientific terms, these energy patterns are often called “brain wave” patterns or frequencies.

How EVOX Works for Emotions and Breast Cancer

EVOX can be beneficial for individuals with PTSD.

Every one of our perceptions is “charged” with emotions, both healthy and unhealthy.  When our subconscious perceptions are infused with potentially harmful and unresolved emotions such as fear, anger, grief and insecurity that repeat throughout our lives, they can keep us from living our lives to our full potential. And since our thoughts affect our body’s ability to heal, unresolved subconscious patterns could hinder our healing. 

This is where EVOX comes in. EVOX technology operates through a process of “perceptual re-framing” based on your voice frequencies. Did you know that your voice carries within it your own unique frequencies that reflect your beliefs about specific events, memories or beliefs?

We have all experienced detecting something in our friends’ or spouses voice over the telephone. We can tell when someone is happy, angry or sad, just by the tone of their voice. 

These perceptions carry an energetic frequency, as does everything living on earth. Using an extremely sensitive instrument as well as a

Your voice has unique properties and frequencies that can be measured.

10-second sampling of your own voice, the EVOX provides a “map” of these frequencies and determines whether they are “biologically coherent (i.e. healthy)” for you or not. Using a hand-held apparatus and earphones, the EVOX then outputs musical tones which are designed to help you release the negative emotional frequencies. As these challenges are released, our internal perceptions of outside stimuli (events, relationships, and even long-held beliefs) are re-framed for the better. We no longer are “victims” of our subconscious thoughts and patterns. we can now respond to life rather than “react” to it. 
Research Shows: Biofeedback Modalities Work                                                                           

If you find yourself engaged in self-talk such as: “That is just the way I am. I will never change” or you are noticing old patterns with regards to relationships, money, and health coming up again and again, you could benefit from EVOX sessions .

In fact, evidence-based research has proved for some time that biofeedback modalities in general work by improving energetic patterns associated with anxiety/depression, insomnia, seizures and especially post-traumatic stress disorder— all conditions that can raise your risk of breast cancer and breast cancer recurrence.  

 Researchers at the University of Texas state that “although there is some neural deterioration that occurs with age, the brain has the capacity to increase neural activity and develop neural scaffolding to regulate cognitive function.”

Translation of this study? We absolutely have the ability to break unhealthy brain patterns, no matter what our age! You no longer have to be a victim of your subconscious and limiting beliefs.The beauty of EVOX is that you can also consult with a practitioner virtually by phone and through your computer.  EVOX is cutting-edge technology that has benefited me personally. If you are feeling stuck in any area of your life, I  encourage you to investigate this technology.  Healing your emotional wounds with a trained and reliable EVOX practitioner may profoundly affect every aspect of your healthy breast journey.


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