September 24-27, 2017
Château Élan Winery & Resort, Braselton Georgia
(Northeast of Atlanta, GA)

Welcome to the Healing Diva Retreat and The Secret Science of a Healing Mindset!


Community. Sharing. Information. Hugs. Inspiration. Empowerment.

Give me 2 ½ days with you and I’ll teach you the Secret Science of a Healing Mindset.

Yes, there is a secret science to getting healthy! It’s secret because there are key factors that are often overlooked. I have spent the last 40 years of my life studying and researching every aspect of health and wellness and have unlocked the missing pieces that prevent people from living to their physical, mental, and emotional potential.

You see, I have been in the trenches just like you….I have lived the healing journey.

When I first discovered that I had Breast Cancer, I was shocked. There were times when I would wake up at 3 AM in a cold sweat and wonder if I could really heal my body or wonder if this was the end of the road for me. I felt the fatigue after cleansing and detoxing. I experienced the overwhelm and frustration of having to take one more dose of supplements or herbs.

I saw the fear and hurt in my children’s eyes when I experienced pain and fatigue. So I get it…I have been there, which is one of my compelling reasons for creating The 7 Essentials System™ and offering the Healing Diva retreat.

I want to reach out and help women like you and make your journey a little easier and a little less complicated. Connection and Community are an important part of your healing journey.

In the last 5 years my team and I have coached women in 23 countries around the world to help them reach their goal of attaining vibrant health. When I first began connecting with these women, I noticed that there was a common thread among them:

  • They were ALL confused, frustrated and overwhelmed about the maze of information out there about preventing or healing Breast Cancer.
  • They were not progressing as quickly as they anticipated, even though they were juicing and taking supplements.
  • They were searching for a step by step program that kept them accountable and motivated them to stay on track to reach their goal.
  • They wanted to see measurable results with their programs, but they were not sure what to look for.
  • They often felt alone and wished they had other women they could connect with to share their feelings and thoughts about their healing journey.

After hearing the pain and seeing the tears of so many women, I decided it was time to create a community that would inspire, support and connect women from all over the globe to live their best life through healing of body, mind and soul.


From scared to supported.

From confused to confident.

From overwhelmed to empowered.

From doubt to hope.

From going it alone to having the power of the Divas around you.

Join me and other like-minded, like-hearted women to kick cancer in the BU%#* !

This year, the Healing Diva Retreat will take place in a beautiful 3,500 acre conference and leisure destination where French provincial and Southern hospitality combine to produce an exceptional setting northeast of Atlanta, Georgia.

The Healing Diva Retreat is dedicated to women diagnosed with breast cancer, recovering from breast cancer and/or who never want to get breast cancer.

Come alone (or bring your BFF’s) and leave with a community of support, encouragement and inspiration for life.
It’s a hope-filled, life-affirming, feelings-sharing, friend-making, knowledge-learning 2 1/2 day pow-wow that will transform your life.

Reserve your place NOW for $997 to receive the Early Bird Special
$1,297 is the standard price for remaining seats beginning July 1
These retreats SELL OUT quickly.


The Healing Diva Retreat and The Secret Science of Creating a Healing Mindset!

Here are some pictures that captured last year’s Divas making new friends and getting down to work




The 2½ day retreat in North Georgia includes a deep dive into The 7 Essentials System™, a Welcome Reception Sunday evening, three organic lunches, an amazing world-class venue plus lots of free giveaways and raffles. (A few BIG exciting surprises!)

Reserve your spot now as The Healing Diva Retreats have SOLD OUT quickly in the past.

When: September 24 – 27, 2017
Where: Chateau Elan Winery and Resort, Braselton GA (Northeast of Atlanta, GA)

PRICE: $997 Early Bird Special until June 30. $1,297 beginning July1



  • Sunday – Registration and Welcome Reception, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  • Monday & Tuesday, Program Event 8:30 am – 6:00pm
  • Wednesday, Program Event 8:30 am – 12 noon concluding with an organic lunch

Activities you can expect:

  • 2 ½ days of diving into The 7 Essentials System™ and The Secret Science of a Healing Mindset
  • Group and individual exercises that will stretch your comfort zone. (Kleenex provided)
  • Specific exercises that will open up your emotional awareness about healing your body and creating a healing mindset.
  • Discover how to get laser focused about your health.
  • Actionable steps that you can take home and apply every day.
  • Lots of “Heart Hugs” (you will discover why a heart hug is better for you)
  • Become a part of The Healing Diva Community, a community of like-minded women that are on the same path to creating vibrant health as you.
  • You will meet your new “Breast Friends”
  • Workbook with all the PowerPoint presentation slides.
  • Handouts and exercise worksheets.
  • Your personal journal that you can use to express your thoughts and feelings during and after the retreat.
  • A personally autographed book of Dr. V’s #1 Best Seller – Heal Breast Cancer Naturally


  • Organic lunch Monday through Wednesday is included (you are on your own for breakfast and dinner)
  • Organic teas, coffee, filtered water and snacks available during throughout the day.



The Healing Diva Retreat takes place at Château Élan Winery & Resort on a beautiful 3,500 acre conference and leisure destination where French provincial and Southern hospitality combine to produce an exceptional setting approximately 30 miles northeast of Atlanta, Georgia

Château Élan has offered special pricing to our attendees. Those special prices are available before and after the retreat if you want to spend some additional time at the Spa or just to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Rooms will sell out quickly so make your reservations asap.

Bring your BFFs and share the room and the fun!

Here are some of the transformational discussions that will be covered at

The Healing Diva Retreat:


Discover what it takes to create a Healing Mindset

  • Why do some women thrive on a healing journey and some get stuck?
  • Why is a Healing Mindset key to improving your health?
  • Simple brain hacks to jumpstart your health

Discover exactly what cancer is so you can outsmart it quickly and easily.

  • Find out how a healthy immune system actually takes care of these rogue cells.
  • How to “starve” the cancer.
  • What can you do to turn on your healthy genes?



What are the 7 Cancer Triggers that could possibly create cancer in your body?

  • Is your home loaded with these triggers?
  • Specific aspects of your lifestyle can act as a trigger.
  • What you can do to avoid these triggers forever.


Take a deep dive into The 7 Essentials System™ – a step by step guide that takes you from confused to confident and from scared to empowered.

Essential #1 – Let Food Be Your Medicine

  • Stop feeding the cancer! Simple changes in your diet can reduce your Breast Cancer risk by 60-70%.
  • Which foods lead to inflammation and which ones turn on your cancer-protective genes?
  • Is there a perfect anti-cancer diet?


Essential #2 – Reduce Your Toxic Exposure

  • You can’t live in a bubble but there are specific steps that you can take to reduce your toxic exposure.
  • What are the environmental links to Breast Cancer that you can easily avoid?
  • What are the best ways to safely and effectively detox your body?


Essential #3 – Balance Your Energy

  • We are 1 billionth physical matter and the rest is all energy. Therefore it is important to balance your electrical and energetic systems with specific steps.
  • How to properly balance your hormones in order to reduce your Breast Cancer risk.
  • YOUR hormones do NOT cause cancer, but if this particular organ is not working right, your hormones could be an issue.


Essential #4 – Heal Your Emotional Wounds

  • I believe that at the root of dis-ease there is an emotional cancer that has been festering for years, sometimes decades.
  • Do you have the Cancer Personality?
  • Your thoughts impact your Immune System. Learn how to boost your Immune System with a few simple mental exercises.


Essential #5 – Embrace Biological Dentistry

  • Metals in your teeth have the potential to increase estrogen signaling in the breast tissue.
  • How do you know if your biological dentist is the real-deal? Get him to answer these questions and you will know for sure
  • What should you do if you have a root canal that may be affecting your health?


Essential #6 – Repair Your Body with Therapeutic Plants & Herbs

  • Ever wonder if there was such a thing as “herbal chemo” – plant compounds that have proven to kill cancer cells but not your healthy cells.
  • Discover specific herbs that inhibit tumor growth and even reduce the devastating effects of chemotherapy.
  • What are the top supplements that can help prevent Breast Cancer?


Essential #7 – Adopt Very Early Detection

  • It takes 5 – 8 years for cancer to show up as a bump or a lump. There is technology that can detect physiological changes in the breast at a small cellular level, way before it can be seen on a mammogram.
  • Take advantage of highly sensitive cancer blood markers can help you monitor your progress and keep you on top of your healing journey.


So if you are serious about creating vibrant health, REGISTER NOW for this fantastic event! Rooms are limited and they will go fast.


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“Most incredible, life-changing event EVER.”

“I found hope!”

“A total blessing!”

“This is the key to living a long, thriving, happy, healthy life.”

“I love Dr. V. She is Ah-mazing!!!”

Here is a small sample of the testimonials from women who have benefited from previous Healing Diva Retreats as well as The 7 Essentials System™.


Please understand that this retreat is for women only