Sarasota, Florida Healing Diva Retreat
in conjunction with Hope4Cancer

A women's retreat that inspires, informs and transforms you!

April 11-15, 2021

Enjoy 5 days and 4 nights in Beautiful Sunny Florida

Join other like-minded, like-hearted women in a sunny and warm setting in Sarasota, Florida

At the Sarasota Healing Diva Retreat,
You will leave with CLARITY for your journey
You will leave with a PLAN,
You will go from:

  • Doubt to Hope
  • Scared to Supported
  • Confused to Confident
  • Overwhelmed to Empowered

"I have been in the trenches just like you ... I have lived the healing journey."
   - Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, DC and founder of Breast Cancer Conqueror ®

When I first discovered that I had Breast Cancer, I was shocked. There were times when I would wake up at 3 AM in a cold sweat and wonder if I could really heal my body or wonder if this was the end of the road for me. I felt the fatigue after cleansing and detoxing. I experienced the overwhelm and frustration of having to take one more dose of supplements or herbs.

I saw the fear and hurt in my children's eyes when I experienced pain and fatigue. So I get it...I have been there, which is one of my compelling reasons for creating the 7 Essentials System® and the Healing Diva Retreat.

This all-inclusive retreat will be an exciting eye-opener for you:

  • Private video consultation with Dr. Tony Jimenez
  • In-depth private consultation with Dr. V
  • Spend time in an intimate setting with Dr. V and a very small group of like-minded women

Dr. Tony Jimenez and Dr. V

I believe that women can be taught to NEVER Fear breast Cancer Again!

Cancer is the Symptom and NOT the cause

Cancer is simply the tip of the iceberg and in order to truly heal, one must address ALL aspects of healing, including the mind and heart. (The 7 Essentials System addresses each of those)

Come get Pampered

We will be introducing you to many therapies that perhaps you have not experienced before. All the therapies will be designed to support your body in a very positive way.

Focus on Emotional Healing

I passionately believe that healing our emotional wounds is KEY to healing our body. There will be many sessions and tools that will support you in breaking through emotional blocs that may have kept you captive. 

Community that understands you and supports you

Ever feel like the "Lone Ranger" on your healing journey? Come join like-minded women that will cheer you on and support you going forward.

Focus on YOU and your healing for 5 days and 4 nights 

Here are Some of the Therapies that are Included in Your Stay

Art Therapy

Breast and Face Thermography

Coffee Enema Training

Heart Math

Vitamin C IV

Ionic Foot Bath Detox

Cancer Cascade Bio-energetic Testing

Lymphatic Drainage


Emotional Balance with EVOX

Note: All Therapies will be provided by third part vendors licensed in the State of Florida

I want to reach out and help women like you to make your journey a little easier and a little less complicated. Connection and Community are an important part of your healing journey.

In the past 9 years my team and I have supported women in 56 countries around the world about their goals of attaining vibrant health. I noticed that there was a common thread among them:

  • They were ALL confused, frustrated and overwhelmed about the maze of information out there concerning Breast Cancer.
  • They were not progressing as quickly as they anticipated, even though they were juicing and taking supplements.
  • They were searching for a step by step program that kept them accountable and motivated to reach their goal.
  • They wanted to see measurable results with their programs, but they were not sure what to look for.
  • They often felt alone and wished they had other women they could connect with to share their feelings and thoughts about their healing journey

Do any of these sound like YOU?

It does not have to be that way. If you are feeling frustrated with your progress or wondering what to do next, this Healing Diva Retreat may give you clarity and a renewed sense of purpose. 

Below is a glimpse of your first-class accomodations

Roof Top View

Main Kitchen

Typical Bedroom

Short walk to the Beach

Private Chef and Organic meals

Teaching Area

This is what you can expect at our next Retreat 

Weekly Schedule

  • Day 1,  Arrive in the afternoon, Meet and Greet Dinner at a private home selected just for you
  • Day 2 - 4,  Various therapies, bio-energetic testing, emotional work & consultation with Dr. Tony and Dr. V. Enjoy girl-time with Dr. V and other like-minded women.
  • Day 5,  Departure


  • Private Zoom consultation with Dr. Tony Jimenez and Dr. V
  • Private session with Dr. V peeling back the layers and going deeper into your healing journey
  • Private and Group sessions with Dr. V include:

    • Cancer Cascade Bio-energetic Testing
    • Learn and practice EFT to get you grounded and centered
    • Deep dive into the 7 Essentials System® and latest research
    • Practice new meditation therapies
    • Vitamin C IV treatment
    • PEMF treatments
    • Lymph massage
    • Full Body massage
    • Learn the basics about Coffee enemas
    • E-VOX emotional healing
    • Healing Art Therapy with the CAP program
    • Thermography scans
    • Ionic Foot Bath Detox
  • Enjoy Organic Clean Meals Prepared by our Private Chef
    • Get to know each other 
    • Relax with a walk on the beach

Let's Hear From Some Recent Attendee's...

  • The retreat was amazing! The house, the gifts, the treatments and the clinic were all so great.
  • There are enormous opportunities for healing at this retreat.
  • Your team is so compassionate and loving.
  • It is obvious that Dr. V really cares and wants to support us.
  • Great to make new like-minded friends.
  • I left with a plan that I can now work with. Thank you! 

Lodging, Transportation and Food

  • Lodging is in a private home with your own bedroom 
  • Meals include a light breakfast and organic lunches and dinner. Snacks also provided. 
  • You must provide your airline and ground transportation to the house. 

Price for All-Inclusive Retreat is  $7,997

Please contact Ginger at 888-852-2596 if you are interested