Serious Breast Cancer Risks from Hydrogenated Oils

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Blog | Sep, 17 2013

Serious Breast Cancer Risks from Hydrogenated Oils

For many years, hydrogenated oils and partially hydrogenated oils have been identified as a serious health risk for heart disease. Do these oils also increase your breast Cancer risk?  Let’s take a moment to understand what these oils are in order to better assess the relationship with Breast Cancer.

Hydrogenated oils, also known as trans fats, are vegetable oils that have been processed by creating a chemical reaction with hydrogen. This solidifies the oils and increases the shelf life of the oil. An example of complete hydrogenation is margarine. These solidified fats are preferred products for commercialized and industrialized baking, because it improves the way the fat mixes with flour products. Hydrogenation also increases the melting point which is ideal for frying products like potato chips. Since the oils in the products are basically oxidized, the mass produced product now has a longer shelf life, perfect for grocery shelf storage.

In the famous words of Jack Lalane, fellow Chiropractor and Nutritionist, “If man made it….don’t eat it.” And here is why….

1.)  Increased risk of coronary heart diseaseJack Lalane

2.)  Causes systemic inflammation

3.)  Increases insulin resistance and diabetes

4.)  Colorectal cancer

5.)  Increases your risk of Alzheimer’s

6.)  Prostate cancer

7.)  Increased risk for Breast Cancer

The domino effect of the trans fats begins at the cellular level.

Dr. Joahanna Budwig was a brilliant cancer researcher who recognized that these toxic fats were compromising cellular respiration of healthy cells. When the cells became starved for oxygen because of the damage to the cell wall, they turned to an anaerobic form of respiration and developed into cancerous cells.

When she examined the diet of her patients with cancer, she realized that most of them had very poor “modern” diets that contained hydrogenated and damaged oils. By introducing healthy oils into the diet, such as her Budwig Protocol, the cell wall could not “breathe” and return to a normal healthy state.

If you have ever tried the Budwig Protocol, it can take some time adjusting to the texture and flavor of the cottage cheese and flax oil mixture. You either love it or hate it. Personally, I had a hard time swallowing it. Fortunately, I discovered something called Celltra Max, the Budwig protocol in capsule form.

When making dietary choices, you either feed the cancer or food your body. You get to choose. Start making wiser choices by throwing out anything in your home that has trans fats and hydrogenated oils. Start adding healthy oils to your kitchen and diet. Oils like flax seed oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil and coconut oil stop inflammation in its tracks. Incorporating healthy oils into your diet will insure that you are one step closer to achieving vibrant health.



5 thoughts on “Serious Breast Cancer Risks from Hydrogenated Oils

  1. Dr. V: Thank you so much for all the good information that you are providing. I have been taking the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese mixture daily for several weeks now, and even from the beginning I did not find it unpalable at all. Maybe my taste buds are different, but it is very easy for me to consume.

  2. i would like to know if heated coconut oil can be referred to hydrogenerated oils or turned into a hydrogenerated oil.

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