Shocking Fluoride Facts

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Blog | Oct, 30 2013

Shocking Fluoride Facts


When I first read about the dumping of fluoride into our water system and the serious side effects, I was not surprised. But as decades have passed and the evidence of the toxic effect on our body mounts, you must be proactive and take action to avoid fluoride.

Did you know that the Americans drink more fluoride than the rest of the world combined?? Mass medication with fluoride has caused innumerable problems with our health.

But wait…I thought Fluoride prevented tooth decay? WRONG! Did you know that countries in Europe that opposed water fluoridation because of the toxic side effects actually have up to 80%-90% fewer cavities compared to American children?

Fluoride is NOT an essential nutrient which means that NO disease, including tooth decay, will result from a “fluoride deficiency”. Silico-fluorides are the byproducts of the fertilizer industry and aluminum factories that somehow ended up in our water treatment plants because of industry pressure on the government…nothing new there. 

These by-products are classified as hazardous wastes by the EPA, but they are supposedly safe enough for us to drink??

Sources of fluoride that you should avoid:

1.)  Fluoridated toothpastes and mouthwashes. Read the small print on the back of the tube: Call Poison Control Center if swallowed.

2.)  Tap water (use filters that remove fluoride like the Berkey Water Filter)

3.)  Do NOT get Fluoride treatments at the dentist

4.)  Grape juice and wine have very high levels because of pesticide residues of fluoride – drink organic varieties

5.)  Don’t use Teflon or non-stick pans

6.)  The EPA allows food processors to use sulfuryl fluoride as a fumigant of foods such as beans, nuts and dried fruits. (choose organic)

Here are a few Fluoride Facts to be aware of:

1.)  Fluoride accumulates in the pineal gland in the brain and causes it to harden, reducing the production of Melatonin, a powerful large breastsBreast Cancer inhibitor.

2.)  Fluoride increases sexual maturation of young females.

3.)  Fluoride was once prescribed as an Anti-Thyroid drug!! It is of NO coincidence that more and more people have sluggish and weak thyroids. There is a clear correlation between a weak thyroid and Breast Cancer.

4.)  Established studies in China and Russia have found reduced T3 and increased TSH in populations exposed to fluoridated water.

5.)  Fluoride increases the oxidative stress in your body, which increases your risk of cancer.

6.)  Fluoride has been linked to a reduce IQ in children as well as increased plaques of the brain which leads to Alzheimer’s.

7.)   It increases the likelihood of bone fractures in adults, pain in the bones as well as increased risk of dental issues.

So how do you protect yourself from the onslaught of this toxin? The good news is there are many steps that you can take in reducing the effects of Fluoride.

Make an effort to eat organic produce and drink organic wine. If that is not possible, thoroughly spray your produce with vinegar and the hydrogen peroxide. Rinse well.

Fluoride and other halides like Chloride displace Iodine in the thyroid, breast tissue and reproductive glands. Make sure that you have sufficient amounts of iodine in your body and that you are not deficient. Everyone I have ever tested, including myself, has been iodine deficient. A simple urine test can determine how much Iodine you need.

Use a water filter that removes the fluoride from the water. Most simple carbon filters like Brita, do not remove fluoride. The Berkey filtration system has specific filters for fluoride.

An excellent web site that can give you more detailed information about the effects of fluoride is Fluoride


One thought on “Shocking Fluoride Facts

  1. Hmm. vote for flouridation (sp) of your hometown’s water supply in any local election. What could go wrong?????????????????? Maybe nothing until that stuff calcifies your pineal gland and weakens your thyroid and the next thing you know, your doctor tells you “YOU’VE GOT BREAST CANCER”

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