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Super Cancer-Killer – Capsicum and Green Tea

By now, the benefits of drinking green tea are well known to most health-conscious people. I have written about the vast benefits of green tea [1] on breast cancer as well as for general health on this blog in the past. In addition, countless research studies [2] have been conducted to date on the properties of green tea’s number one cancer-busting substance, epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG.

EGCG is responsible for the reduction of inflammation and Xeno-estrogenic activity in breast tissue as well as for the dying off of breast cancer cells. EGCG suppresses new blood flow to these cells, prevents DNA damage and may even suppress Breast Cancer stem cell production [3].

You may also know about the benefits of consuming capsicum, or chili peppers, like cayenne pepper and jalapeño. Capsaicin is the substance found inside capsicum plants that gives chili peppers their spicy kick. It is also a treasure trove of healing for the body. Capsaicin cleanses the blood and contains high amounts of vitamin C and E and magnesium. It can also be used, believe it or not, as a digestive aid as well as to stop hemorrhoids and ulcers.

But did you know that capsaicin can actually create apoptosis, or cancer cell death?

World Health Organization statistics point to lower cancer death rates in countries such as Mexico and Thailand, where chili pepper consumption is the highest. This is because capsaicin is a type of “vanilloid” that has long been studied for its cancer-fighting properties [4].

When you combine the healing effects of capsaicin found in chili peppers with the potent effects of EGCG found in green tea, you get a cancer-fighting powerhouse. This mixture can now be found in a supplement called Capsol-T. [5]

How Capsol-T Kills Breast Cancer Cells

In 1998, researchers at Purdue University presented a report to the American Cell Biology Conference which outlined a very important capsol-t [6]discovery in understanding how cancer cells divide and proliferate. Dr. D. James Morre’ and Dr. Dorothy M. Morre’ were able to identify a protein called the ENOX2 protein, which is directly associated with tumor growth.  They found that this protein is associated with all cancers. ENOX2 proteins are not present in normal cells, however.

Substances that block ENOX2 proteins stop the growth of tumor cells. This is exactly what EGCG and capsaicin in Capsol-T does. Capsol-T is a combination of EGCG from green tea and capsaicin from “[non-spicy] mild-grade chili pepper.” Each daily dose is designed to equal 16 cups of decaffeinated green tea. The presence of the capsaicin in the supplement acts like an enhancer for the anti-cancer properties of EGCG. The EGCG content in Capsol-T is said to be 100 times more potent than drinking green tea alone because of the added capsaicin.

Scientific evidence now points to the effectiveness of this combination as well. A 2014 study published in the journal Clinical Proteomics [7] tested 110 individuals who did not have a cancer diagnosis,  but who did have the ENOX2 protein marker.

After taking Capsol-T for 3 to 17 months, a whopping 94% of the subjects tested negative for the ENOX 2 cancer-related protein.

The First Step: Take the Oncoblot Test

If you are on a healthy breast journey, the first step is to be proactive with early detection, which is one of the core essentials in The  7 Essentials System™ [8].  The very best test to determine the possible presence of ENOX2 proteins in your system is to the Oncoblot [9] test. 

If you have the presence of the ENOX2 protein in your system, please know that you do have options. Be proactive and consider the healing power of green tea and chili peppers that is in the Capsol-T supplement.

What a miracle Mother Nature is! And what a wonderful display of scientific ingenuity in the combining of two of the most potent cancer-busters Mother Nature has to offer into one super-supplement for cancer healing and prevention.


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