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A Targeted Approach for Your Healing Journey

Why guess when it comes to your health and life when you now have the option of choosing targeted therapies for you healing journey? As science continues to prove the power of natural medicines, the accuracy of diagnostic testing is also following suit. One such test is called The Greece Test. It is called The Greece test because the original laboratory and medical geneticist who originated the test, Ioannis Papasotirou, established the Research Genetic Cancer Center (RGCG) [1] in Greece. There are now 7 labs to service patients globally [2].

The struggle with oncology is that the doctors have used a “one-size-fits-all” approach and therefore the drugs too often fail with life altering consequences. That is why chemosensitivity testing was a significant part of the program in the “Best Answer for Cancer’s 11th Annual International Integrative Cancer Care” conference in Dallas last year. Dr. Papasotirou stated the obvious [3] when he said, “We are at a crossroads and we need to take a different way to approach cancer patients.”

The personalized approach is to identify the circulating the Circulating Tumor Cells, (CTCs) and Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs) to see what natural and chemical substances they are most sensitive to. What happens in the lab is quite interesting: The cancer cells and the cancer stem cells are harvested from the patients’ blood and grown in petri dishes and then 1 dose of various pharmaceutical and natural substances are introduced. After 48 hours they measure how effective each substances affected the die off of the cancer cells.

For example, The Greece Test checks 49 chemo drugs and 50 natural biologic substances such as enzymes, Poly MVA, Vitamin D3, fermented soy extract, mistletoe, SOD, burdock complex, B 17, etc.

You also have the option of sending 2 specific natural substances that you may be taking that are not on their list.natural supplements [4]

Based on the results of the test, [5] the practitioner can learn the following:

1.) Discover which specific genes are involved in the growth of the cancer

2.) Assess which drugs are most affective against the cancer

3.) Assess which natural substances are killing off the cancer cells, weakening the tumor cells and what can slow down the growth of the cancer.

4.) Create a natural treatment program to support the patient for a quicker recovery. How exciting is that!!

Cancer need not be something to fear, especially when you can have a very specific targeted approach.

Sloane Kettering and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston are beginning to use the test after receiving a $15 million dollar grant from the Stand up to Cancer Telethon. The Greece test has been saving lives for 10 years without million $$ grants. The Greece Test can cost  between $1500 – $3000  depending on the type of test and the exchange rate. However, if the test was done in the USA [6]it would cost approximately $25,000.

When you think of targeting your therapy so that you can improve your success rate, the 2-3 thousand dollar investment is quite minimal. Sadly, too many lives have been lost with a “cookie Cutter” approach to chemotherapy and traditional treatments. Having a bull’s eye approach takes the guess work out of healing your body by targeted therapies that are effective. [7]


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