Dana T. – Ontario Canada

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| Dec, 04 2018

Dana T. – Ontario Canada

Dr. V has been, and continues to be, my lighthouse. When I was lost in the sea of confusion, Dr. V continues to inspire me when I feel lost and need guidance and love. I love my coach. De’Ann is a beautiful, bright light. I feel more energized and encouraged after so much medical assault on my body. One word- EMPOWERING. You need to experience what feels right for you. If you have any doubts, do discover for yourself how the love and support of the Breast Cancer Conqueror team can life your heart and healing to radical recovery. Breast Cancer Conqueror gave me a sisterhood of support and community of help and hope. Breast Cancer Conqueror has been a pathway for me to advocate for myself with simple, supportive science with a healing plan that I can participate in.