Jean Marie B. ,South Carolina

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| Nov, 29 2019

Jean Marie B. ,South Carolina

I was diagnosed one year ago with metastatic breast bone cancer, Stage 4! Needless to say this was a lot to swallow. I was extremely blessed to have Dr. V become one of my guides and introduce me to Hope 4 Cancer. Dr V was only concerned with one question. “Do you want to live?” and of course I said “YES!”
I started at Hope 4 Cancer in September 2018. In one year I have progressed at a slow steady pace and have had over all good quality of life.
With the knowledge from Hope 4 cancer, Dr V, my alternative doctor in South Carolina, my daily routine, lots of support from very close friends, having a good attitude and finally daily prayer and faith I am progressing. I believe my journey and story will give other cancer patients hope.