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The Emotional Connection for Healing Breast Cancer

The diagnosis of Breast Cancer is a very emotional event. Your brain races 100 miles per hour wondering about the course of treatment, the outcome and the resolution. Essential # 4 for Healing and Preventing Breast Cancer Naturally [1] is about Healing Your Emotional Wounds.

What does healing the mind and the emotions have to do with healing the body?

Here is a very interesting quote given by Dr. Predergast, an eminent oncologist that was president of the American Cancer Society way back in 1959:

“There is some evidence that the course of disease in general is affected by emotional stress. It is my sincere hope that we can widen the quest to include the distinct possibility that within one’s mind is a power capable of exerting forces which can either enhance or inhibit the progress of this disease.”

Dr. O. Carl Simonton [2] was an internationally acclaimed oncologist, author, and speaker who was best known for his pioneering insights and research in the field of psychosocial oncology.  Dr. Simonton developed a model of emotional support for the treatment of cancer patients… an approach that introduced the concept that one’s state of mind could influence their ability to survive cancer. His emotional intervention program was even approved by the Surgeon General’s Office.

While he was in active practice, Dr. Simonton applied this emotional support program to his cancer patients and saw an increase in survival time and improvement in quality of life. He believed that “our emotions significantly influence health [3] and recovery from disease (including cancer). Emotions are a strong driving force in the immune system and other healing systems.”

There have been numerous studies about the mind –body connection dealing specifically with cancer patients.  Here are several emotional patterns that surface in regards to a cancer patient:

1.)  A significant loss 6 – 18 months prior to diagnosis.

2.)  Poor self – image

3.)  Strong tendency to hold on to resentment

4.)  Poor ability to develop and maintain long term meaningful relationships

So how does one go about healing lifelong patterns of emotional issues that may have kept them in bondage, so to speak?

Desire.  Desire to improve not only their physical life but their emotional and spiritual as well.

There also has to be HOPE that is given to the patient , that they will heal and overcome this temporary health challenge.

They must also possess a strong belief system that the course of treatment that they have chosen is absolutely the very best one for them.

[4]Meditation is a wonderful and, I believe, very necessary step in healing the body.

One of the tools that I have been using and recommending is a meditation called the Silva Method. [4]  Jose Silva, the founder of the Silva Method, believed that 90% of illnesses come from the human mind—and can therefore, to an extent, be reversed by the mind too. The Silva Method’s goal [4] is to help every person awaken their mind’s natural healing ability, so they can transform it from a trigger of disease, to a catalyst for holistic well being.

For over 5 decades of working with tens of thousands of Silva students, they have identified 3 essential requirements for effective mind-body healing:

1.)  Learn to function at the Alpha and Theta levels of the mind.

Going to the Alpha and Theta levels have the same effect as meditating. When someone meditates, scientifically, they are simply reducing their brain wave frequency to Alpha or Theta.

Jose Silva found that people who can remain in the Alpha and Theta levels are able to put their mind and body in a state conducive to healing, where cells repair, stress dissipates, the immune system strengthens, and physical symptoms of illness are in some cases reduced.

2.)  Learn to harness the power of Healing Imagery

Healing Imagery, also known as Visualization, involves visualizing the end result of your goal or desire while you are in the Alpha or Theta level of mind. For women who have Breast Cancer, visualizing the tumor shrinking and eventually disappearing is a powerful exercise!

3.)  Master the D-B-E thought process

Desire, Belief and Expectancy are a significant component in the healing formula.

When you commit to healing your whole body, physical, emotional and spiritual, you will clearly “see” your positive outcome and reach your goal at an accelerated pace.