The Power of the Celery Stick

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Blog | Sep, 23 2013

The Power of the Celery Stick

As the science of Nutrigenomics and Epigenetics evolve, the evidence of the healing power of simple fruits and vegetables is mounting. Celery may be one of those vegetables that you have not paid much attention to, but after reading this article, I am sure you will want to incorporate it in your juicing and smoothies.

Aside from being loaded with Vitamins K, C, and A, folate, potassium, and trace minerals, it has a unique compound that has been shown to enhance cognitive function in Alzheimer’s disease and prevent cardiovascular disease and H. Pylori stomach infections.

There are 2 specific flavonoids in celery, apigenin, and luteolin, that have shown promise against various types of cancer.

But the most exciting news for women who are being proactive with prevention or who are on a healing journey is the compound apigenin. This flavonoid that is found in celery has shown promise as a potential non-toxic treatment for HER2 Breast Cancer.

How does a plant extract have so much power over cancer? First, it decreases a vascular growth factor (VEGF) that stimulates the formation of new blood vessels that feed tumors. When cancer cells divide and create a tumor, they need food and blood supply, so they create their own. Apigenin stops the development of these new blood vessels so tumors can’t grow.

Next, it keeps Breast Cancer cells from dividing and proliferating.

celeryLastly, it causes Breast Cancer cells to die off. By nature, cancer cells never die since they have a specific cellular pathway that keeps them from dying.

That is the whole premise behind chemotherapy – KILL the cancer cells with strong poison. The problem is that this form of treatment often kills the patient or creates the environment for another cancer to develop.


Being healthy is really not that complicated in the end. Follow The 7 Essentials and you never have to fear cancer again. Drink at least 1 quart of green juice or smoothie every day, always adding many sticks of celery so that you can have your daily dose of powerful cancer-killing apigenin.


  • As a breast cancer survivor, nutritionist and lover of life I totally concur with you about the benefits of celery juice. And a reminder that organic celery is best.

    • Hi Barbara! Dr. V encourages trying to drink at least one quart of various smoothies and juices per day. You can incorporate celery into these drinks! Always ensure that you monitor your blood sugar to ensure that your body can process any natural sugars that are in your drinks.