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The word cancer creates an immediate reaction in our gut and soul. We often think of a diagnosis of cancer as something to be feared and dreaded. But it does not have to be that way. If you understand what cancer is and HOW you can disarm it, then you can face it with confidence and belief.

My personal healing journey with Breast Cancer was the foundation for creating The 7 Essentials System®, a step by step guide that takes the confusion out of turning your health around. The truth is that everyone should be living the 7 Essentials lifestyle, but it’s usually not until our health and wellness is being threatened that we become sincerely motivated to look at our lives and make some changes.

For some, like me, cancer was a wake-up call. It led me to transform my whole life in positive, life-affirming ways. And now it’s time for you.

Never Fear Breast Cancer Again will help you restore your health and transform your life by:

Giving you ACTION Steps that are simple and easy to follow

Taking the mystery out of NATURE MINDSET

Teaching you how to adopt a powerful HEALING MINDSET

Empowering you to go from fear to EMPOWERMENT

Learn HowTo Get Well And Stay Well

The NEVER FEAR BREAST CANCER AGAIN program is a deep dive into The 7 Essentials System® and takes you through the steps on how to GET WELL and STAY WELL. With videos, step-by-step action plans and rich educational components, you get a crystal clear understanding of what cancer is and how you can kick it in the BU**. It’s as if I am right there with you and personally walking you through each of the 7 Essentials. You finish the in-depth program at your own pace, feeling super charged, fully empowered and ready to transform your life.

What's Included:

The on-line program is structured and easy to follow. There’s an introduction before each module so you can get a feel for what will be discussed in the next Essential. For each of the 7 Essentials, you will receive:

Core presentations which are broken down into short video segments so it's east to digest

Presentation to download for your future reference

Professional Scorecard & Action Plans which encourage you to take charge of your health,

Short True and False Quizzes so you can reflect about what you learned and help retain it.

Extensive Resource lists with links to specific websites and information blogs, which saves you so much TIME and energy!

A PDF Journal that you can download and then use to write down your thoughts and feelings

In the mail you will receive:

Physical workbook mailed to you, which includes: scorecards and action plan, resources list, and pages for journaling.

Flash/Jump Drive mailed to you. No need to login or remember username and password.

Access to Private Facebook Community of like-minded women who are facing the same challenges.

The program is not only about the content.
It is a step-by-step guide that gives you clarity to:

  • check
    Never fear cancer again
  • check
    Go from confused to confident
  • check
    Be protective and pro YOU!

Topics Covered

Let Food Be Your Medicine

You will learn which foods to avoid at all costs (some may surprise you), and which to enjoy as much as possible. You’ll also learn how to “cancer proof” your kitchen, so the contents support your new way of life.

Reduce Your Toxic Exposure

You will learn simple steps to take in order to reduce your toxic exposure in your environment, in your home and in your body.

Balance Your Energy

If your body is made up of energy and light, then it makes sense that we keep that energy balanced and free of interference. Your Central Nerve System, your Acupuncture Meridian System and your hormones have a huge impact on the body’s energy system

Heal Your Emotional Wounds

This is one of the most ignored contributors to cancer. You will find out why that is and learn
how to release buried emotions that may be slowing down your progress.

Embrace Biological Dentistry

The connection between your teeth and your health is often ignored. Addressing this important connection is what gets many women over the “hump” when it comes to conquering breast cancer.

Repair Your Body With
Therapeutic Plants

Nature is abundant with plants and herbs that have been proven to have an impact on your Immune System and health. You can never stop learning when it comes to this subject.

Adopt Very Early Detection

Are you waiting for a mammogram to find a lump that has been there for years? Learn about the many early detection protocols that can give you a head-start on your journey or avoid that journey all together.
In many cases it is the poisoning of the body that kills the cancer AND weakens the body. Learn how to boost your Immune System during traditional treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.


Dr V and the 7 Essentials System have been like a buoy for me, guiding me through troubled waters. It was a very turbulent time for me. It was like being in the ocean with waves crashing all around me as I was sinking. As soon as I started following the 7 Essentials System I no longer felt like I was sinking in the ocean. I had a plan and I feel better than I ever have in my life

L.R. Georgia

No doubt - cancer can be scary, but thanks to Dr. V, she took my fears and doubts away with sound advice and the help I needed. She covered everything I needed to do to get well. I am now cancer free, without chemo or radiation and Dr. V had such a big hand in that! I don’t know what I would have done without her knowledge, advice and help. Even though we have never met, Dr. V has a special place in my heart. Thank you my far away friend and mentor!

F.W. Australia

I received treatment from Dr. V after finding a small lump in my right breast. Medical doctors had me lined up for a series of very “pre-historic” tests including several needles being inserted in my nipple, with no pain meds. I was tested by Dr. V and began her program. Three months later, the lump was gone and so were the cancer cells. Since then I’ve had the privilege of having a beautiful baby and I was able to give her the precious gift of breastfeeding.

T.R. Illinois

When I found Dr.V, I was already mid-stream in my healing process with Breast Cancer.  I had done the diet, the detoxing, the de-stressing but i still needed to do more. With Dr.V's help I followed a protocol which resulted in success! She is a kind, gentle, healing soul with so much knowledge.

K.S. Canada

I would like to recommend anyone who is searching for answers with Breast Cancer to use Dr. V as she has helped many with this problem and also handled it herself. She has found the answers as to why such illness occurs and what all is behind it. She has much knowledge. From my own experience I know that Dr. V is very happy to answer any questions and help a woman go through such a hard period as the Breast Cancer really is!

L.M. Slovakia

Before you go, there is one final takeaway

I want to leave with you.

Repeatedly imagine what you do want. Yes, you have to face the reality of the cancer. But I want you to see yourself in the future, in 1 year, in 5 years, in 10, in 20.  What will your life look like? How will you feel? How vibrantly healthy do you want to be?

If you imagine these things and see yourself moving in a positive direction, then the likelihood of you moving there is much better than if you just focus on the negative outcomes and the negative “what-ifs”.  

This is about a complete transformation. It’s not just about getting rid of the lump or the bump, but it must be a mental, emotional and spiritual one as well. If you approach your healing journey as a time for change and growth, then I promise you, you will come out on the other side a much happier and healthier you.

Of course, if you choose today to join our community of like-minded women, I want to to make sure that you are entirely happy with your purchase.

If you feel like you don’t get exceptional value from this program, then I assure you, you can get 100% of your money back within 14 days.

This is a community of health, healing and empowerment. That is our priority, first, and foremost. 

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