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What is Chaga?

Chaga is a non-toxic, medicinal mushroom that has anti-cancer properties and has shown promising evidence as a supplement to help overcome the effects of chemotherapy. It grows on Birch, Alder, Beech, and other hardwood trees found in the cold latitudes of North America, Europe, and Asia.

Unlike so many other mushrooms, Chaga is wild-crafted. This means that it is not grown in a cultivated farm setting, but rather it is found in its natural, native habitat and gathered by hand.

Chaga extract is more potent and more effective than ingesting the whole mushroom.

The anti-tumor effects of the Chaga mushroom work indirectly by activating different immune responses to cancer in the body.  

Published studies on the Chaga mushroom extract in 2004 revealed the Chaga mushroom extract to inhibit oxidative DNA damage. The evidence showed that the extract could protect DNA from oxidative stress.

The mushroom extract also contains large amounts of betulinic acid. This chemical in particular is being studied for use as a chemotherapeutic agent due to its anti-cancer properties. The full spectrum of immune-stimulating phytochemicals being studied from this medicinal mushroom is amazing.

Following is a list of Chaga’s proven, reported effects:

Anti-allergic Anti-mutagenic
Anti-bacterial Anti-microbial
Anti-Cancer (breast, lip, rectal) Anti-oxidant
Anti-inflammatory Anti-viral
Anti-tumor Anti-genotoxicity
Anti-mutagenic Hepato-protective


In 2008  Seung -Shi Ham et al. tested Chaga extract on the following human cancer cells

The results showed that the extracts isolated from Chaga extract significantly reduced the tumor size in laboratory mice.

chaga mushroom [1]The results of a study done by Yeon-Ran Kim in 2005 strongly suggest the great potential of Chaga as immune enhancer during chemotherapy.

Since Chaga contains various kinds of bio-effective materials which may help protect us from the increasingly carcinogenic and toxic environments, adding Chaga extract as part of your daily regime could help prevent the development of free radical damage and cancer.

The numerous studies and historical usage suggests that Chaga extract and its compounds could be used as natural anticancer ingredients to prevent treat/cure malignancies.

However, it is important to determine what type of Chaga one is using when utilizing an anti-cancer regiment, since dosage is very important.

So what is CHAGA?  in simple words: It’s a medicinal mushroom that may help heal and prevent cancer.

You can order Chaga in my store [2]. Enjoy it as a tea by mixing 1 tablespoon in hot water and sweeten with Stevia if desired.