How Does Surgery Cause Cancer Cells to Spread by 250%?

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Blog | May, 02 2013

How Does Surgery Cause Cancer Cells to Spread by 250%?

We have all heard the horrifying stories of cancer patients undergoing surgery to remove a simple tumor and months later the cancer has spread all over their body. The theory is that when you have surgery for removing a cancerous tumor, it causes the cancer to spread like wild fire. Is there any truth to that?

Absolutely YES!

Here are some earth shattering facts about what happens to the body in response to surgical removal of a tumor. Exerts of this are taken from an interview with Suzanne Somers and Bill Faloon in her book Knockout. Bill is the director and co-founder of Life Extension Foundation.

  • During the surgical procedure, natural barriers that contain the tumor are breached, enabling cancer cells to escape their original confinement and spread to other parts of the body.
  • Surgery induces immune suppression while initiating an  inflammatory cascade that provides cancer cells to propagate.
  • In response to the trauma, the body secretes growth factors to facilitate the healing. Unfortunately, these same growth factors also stimulate tumor cell growth.
  • Cancer spill into the blood stream from the surgical margins and establish metastatic colonies in other parts of the body.
  • Cancer cells have a “Velcro like” surface that allows them to stick to each other and the blood vessel walls. In one experiment that mimicked surgical conditions, the sticking and binding of cancer cells to blood vessel walls increased by 250%.
  • Surgery reduces the Natural Killer Cell activity. NK cells’ function is to gobble up cancer cells.

Scientists and doctors are well aware of these facts. The Annals of Surgery, researchers reported that cancer surgery itself can create an environment in the body that greatly increases metastasis and suppresses the Immune system.

Over 10 years ago, The British Journal of Cancer stated, “the primary tumor removal may result in sudden acceleration of the metastatic process.”

If you feel that surgery is important for you because you simply want that “thing” out of your body, or there is a life threatening situation that requires surgery,  here are a few options that will decrease the serious side effects of the surgery.

curcumin.jpg 2Modified Citrus Pectin is a dietary fiber that is absorbed into the blood stream and prevents cancer cells from sticking to the blood vessels walls. Studies with Breast Cancer showed a decrease of adhesion by 95%.

It is suggested that 14 grams of modified citrus pectin be ingested every day for a year after the surgery.

  • Boost your Natural Killer Cell activity with a variety of medicinal mushrooms, garlic, glutamine and IP6.
  • Infusion of mistletoe extract before surgery can prevent the suppression of NK cell activity.
  • There are a variety of nutrients that inhibit the vascular growth factors of metastatic cancer. Studies have shown that genistein, extracts of milk thistle, EGCG in green tea and Curcumin reduced tumor masses but as much as 60% – 80%.

Any surgery can be life threatening, but especially so when it comes to cancer. So many women I coach struggle with the idea of getting the tumor extracted from their breast with a lumpectomy or mastectomy. Whatever decision you make, make an informed decision, based on scientific facts, and not on fear tactics that so many doctors use. It is YOUR body and YOUR life. YOU get to decide what is best for you.



14 thoughts on “How Does Surgery Cause Cancer Cells to Spread by 250%?

  1. Almost four years ago I chose not to follow the protocols recommended by the oncologist. No lumpectomy or masectomy. Instead I did research and followed thru on many suggestions for detoxing the body and investigating the emotional/psychological issues associated with breast cancer (Read German New Medicine). Also began taking Modified Citrus Pectin. I am so filled with gratitude that I took the radical and courageous path…listening to my deepest commitment to honor my body, rather than cut, poison or burn it. I also began participating in spiritual healing processes (Bruno Groening Circle of Friends) and Braco..the Croatian healer). I hope others will have the courage to do the right thing based on research and intelligence rather than fear.

  2. l believe that eliminating most of the carbs (sugars), you will fight off alot of cancers, since they seem to thrive on sugar…What is your take on this? Please email me…thanks, Janine

    1. Absolutely agree Janine. Sugar feeds cancer. Cancer cells have more insulin receptor sites than our healthy cells. Cancer cells use sugar for their energy cycle. Cancer cells get fed first when it comes to cancer. That is why a PET scan can display cancer cells first since the gobble up the sugar before the healthy cells.

  3. While this does not pertain to breast cancer specifically, I can tell you that my husband’s prostate cancer spread after a minor surgical procedure. The cancer spread within weeks. We have to blood work and scans to prove it. Prior to the procedure his numbers were stable and his scan was “clean as a whistle.” A few weeks later his PSA shot way up and his scan shows the cancer has “escaped.”

  4. My best friend just got a biopsy and was told she had a 1cm sized growth. I want to order her some of this pectin off amazon, but I don’t know which brands to trust. Amazon sucks so much these days this way. Is there any you can recommend? I can reply with an email address, if you’d rather not put that kind of information up on the site. Thanks.

  5. Ugh – this is such bad information and so dangerous. It is because of the BS on sites like this that my husband is now dealing with Stage IV melanoma, with a fungating 4cm tumor on his chest. This is an aggressive, deadly cancer that has seen so many advances in recent years that none of the survival tables are even accurate anymore. What was once a death sentence is more of a chronic disease, if properly managed. Yet, you are making claims and money off of the desperation of people like my husband.

    Do I sound angry? You bet I am. When I watch my adult children break down in tears at the fear of losing their father because he clings to your rosy misinformation, I am disgusted.

    1. Dear Scooter,
      I can understand your frustration and I am sorry for the pain that your family is experiencing. The information provided in the Website is not intended to be a substitute for the professional medical advice or treatment provided by your own Medical Provider. We always encourage readers and clients to continue to work with their medical providers, especially if there is concern about the growth of the cancer. Surgery is necessary at times and if one prepares properly, the side effects can be minimized.

      1. I just noticed a reply I sent in 2013. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. I’m happy to report that although the mass is still in my breast, I am alive and well. I still take Pecta SolC religiously. Also follow other guidelines for strengthening my immune systems. In August of this year, it will be 11 years since I received the diagnosis. No surgery, no chemo or radiation. Yes the mass has grown, but it is behaving itself. I have worked with energy healers, eat organic food, and live in deep gratitude for the ability to live a normal and active life (I am now 79 years old. ) Thank you Bruno Groening, and Braco. And thank you God!!

        1. That is so wonderful to hear. I read your first comment and wondered how you are doing all these years later.

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