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Why Monitor C-Reactive Protein Levels?

There is a protein produced by the body that correlates directly with cancer risk. It is called C-Reactive Protein, or CRP, and there is also a simple blood test you can take to determine if your levels are elevated.  Periodic testing for CRP is extremely important on the Healthy Breast journey [1] and is a great way to monitor your progress. 

C-Reactive Protein and Cancer

C-Reactive Protein is produced by the immune and fat cells and processed in the liver. High amounts of it equals high levels of inflammation occurring somewhere in the body.  Inflammation [2] is connected to almost every disease condition, including Breast Cancer. 

In conventional medicine, CRP has long been linked to cardiovascular disease [3]. Recent research, however, has shown that high CRP levels also point to the possible presence of cancer.  A 2006 study [4] published by the American Association of Cancer Research is just one of many that makes this connection. Researchers from Harvard School of Public Health put it simply:

“Our results confirm the important role of inflammation in human cancer and suggest that plasma CRP level is a potential marker of increased cancer risk.”

What’s more, a 2011 Danish study [5] published in the journal Cancer Research found that, of the roughly 3,000 women with invasive Breast Cancer surveyed, those with elevated C-Reactive Protein levels had the highest mortality rate from the dis-ease.

How to Lower Inflammation (and CRP) in the Body

Lifestyle and diet play the pivotal role in the body’s inflammatory responses. Lack of sleep, stress, allergen exposure and eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) can all contribute to high amounts of C-Reactive Protein in the blood.

The dangers occur when chronic inflammation reaches a tipping point. This can lead to mutations which can cause tumor growth.

You can turn this situation around! One huge way is to follow my 7 Essentials System [1] ®.

Chronic inflammation can lead to many chronic diseases like cancer.

Especially important for lowering chronic inflammation in the body is the following:

Cannabis has also been shown to be a substance that can lower CRP levels. A recent study [14] done by Michigan State University found that “CRP evidence points toward possible anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis smoking.”

Take the CRP Blood Test

Even if you are relatively healthy,  getting  your CRP levels tested every once in a while is a good idea. Most conventional medical doctors, hospitals and labs can provide this inexpensive test for you and it is also covered under most insurance providers.

The official name for the test is the Highly Sensitive C-Reactive Protein Blood Test [15] and consists of a simple blood sample. You can order this test by going here. [15] 

If you are not at risk for heart disease [16], it may take a little explanation to your doctor why you need this test. No problem. Just show them the many references cited in this blog!


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