Healing Hannah

“In the midst of your cancer fight, we’re here to give you the extra ammo you need"

As Healing Hannah, you are in the midst of your challenge with breast cancer. You’re likely in shock, worried, and want to explore all your options for healing, including evidence-based natural medicines. You know your body has the ability to heal – you just need the right ammunition, support and a positive mindset.

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Do any of these sound like you?

You are determined to overcome your diagnosis

You feel alone because your loved ones don’t understand why you want a more balanced, holistic approach to cancer treatment

You are worried about the toxic effects of certain traditional methods, but you’ll do whatever it takes to get better

You’ve tried natural remedies and supplements, but you aren’t getting the results you hoped for

What you need most right now

You need a defined plan of action that will produce measurable results and address your mental, emotional and spiritual needs as well as your physical ones.

The Healing Track is right for you!

Here is what you get with the healing track

  • 6 months of support with a
    7 Essentials System Health Coach, which includes 6 hours of coaching
  • In-depth questionnaire based on the
    7 Essentials System™
  • An objective assessment about what it will take to improve your health
  • Copy of Dr. V's #1 best-seller,
    "Heal Breast Cancer Naturally"
  • Tools to help you heal the emotional wounds that may be holding you back
  • Specific recommendations based on your personal healing goals
  • Access to private Facebook community of likeminded women who support each other
  • A monthly group Q & A with Dr. V.
    All calls will be recorded in case you miss them
  • Prevention Track Test Package that may reveal what may by out of balance in your body
  • Prevention Track Nutritional Package to support your healing goals
Start the healing track now!

7 Essentials System

The 7 Essentials System is a comprehensive, step-by-step course to prevent “dis-ease" and heal your body with clearly defined goals and action steps.

The 7 Essentials System will provide you with a lot more energy and vibrant health, while helping you get in touch with your heart and greater purpose. Learn to live a life where you feel happy, whole and complete because you have taken responsibility for your health and discovered your true authentic self!

Essential 1

Let Food Be Your Medicine

Essential 7

Adopt Very Early Detection

Essential 2

Reduce Your Toxic Exposure

Essential 6

Repair Your Body with Therapeutic Plants

Essential 3

Balance Your Energy

Essential 5

Embrace Biological Dentistry

Essential 4

Heal Your Emotional Wounds

I was frustrated with all the hype and "cure-alls"

I developed the7 Essentials System based on 35 years of work in the wellness industry, as well as my own life experience. I wanted to create something for people who are tired of Internet information overload and the maze of “cure-all" products – people who are ready to just get down to getting better!

Highlights of the 7 Essentials System

  • Protocols that arecustom-tailored to your needs
  • Create an easy-to-live-with lifestyle that supports your health
  • Learn more about evidence-based natural medicines
  • Feel confident with a workable plan of action in place
  • Utilize proven strategies that have worked for women all over the globe