I began The 7 Essentials System coaching because I found that there was such a need for women to get personalized guidance when it came to breast health. In just a few years, this program has served thousands of women in 63 countries around the world.

Once you enroll in a program, you will receive an in-depth questionnaire to fill out and return to your coach. This will be reviewed during your first meeting, allowing you and your coach to develop a lifestyle and nutritional plan that is best for you. You will choose a coach and schedule your first consultation, which will be phone, Skype, or Facetime.

De’Ann Richter-Sylvester is a Health Coach and serves in that capacity with Breast Cancer Conqueror. She is also a registered nurse whose passions include healthcare, alternative medicine and supporting women. She has years of experience in emergency and critical care. A Georgia Native, De’Ann enjoys time with her husband Jahret and their energetic Standard Poodle, Steinbach.De’Ann can be reached at:

Laurie Boucino is a Health Coach and serves in that capacity with Breast Cancer Conqueror.  She is also a Certified Holistic Nurse with many other specialty certifications including Truly Heal Health Coach, HeartMath Interventions Coach, NES Health practitioner, Building Biology Advocate and more. She is currently finishing up her Electro Magnetic Radiation Specialist Certification.

She believes that there are MANY areas to consider while on a healing journey and beyond. She states “Helping people navigate through what can be the most shocking challenge in their lives is my passion. Having experienced it ‘up close and personal’ myself, I know what it takes to heal the body.  I am happy to hold your hand to help you achieve healing…. like I did!”

Originally from Connecticut, Laurie lives near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with her husband, her crazy dog “Rocky” and kitty “Mrs. McKneady”.

Laurie can be reached at: