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What do apricot seeds, amygdalin, and Vitamin B17 all have in common? They are all connected by providing powerful anti-tumor actions and apoptosis to cancer cells!  For example: “Amygdalin is a promising anti-tumor drug if combined with conditional chemotherapy drugs, which can produce a synergistic effect.” From a 2014 study.
Please note: Since each person’s healing plan is unique, do NOT try anything new before talking it over with your medical team and Breast Cancer Conqueror Coach. Your beautiful and powerful body is approximately 37 trillion cells that dance you through life’s ups, downs, and all-around. Brain cells think and
  “We confirm that a low selenium level might contribute to worse survival rates for women with breast cancer.” – The conclusion of a 2021 study conducted by Pomeranian Medical University in Poland. “In the present study, selenium enhanced the antitumor…Selenium inhibited the growth of human breast cancer cells. Still,
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