EQ ratio
Why is your Eq ratio so important? Hormones significantly impact your emotional, physical, and mental health. They are the main substances responsible for directing the mechanisms of the body at the cellular, subcellular, and even genetic levels. In other words, hormones are your body’s messengers. If your hormones are not
dry brushing
 Massage, lymph drainage, saunas, and dry brushing are all therapies that I personally do for myself and are part of the Healing Diva Retreats! Let’s start off by understanding what metastasis or spread of the cancer is. There is much confusion and worry about massage or skin brushing “spreading the
If you add up all those cranky, crampy, and chocolate-craving period days of your menstruation life, they will add up to about 10 years! You will also use 11,000 – 15,000 menstruation products. Means that having SAFE, NONTOXIC menstrual products is bloody critical!  Super Absorbency I’m not talking about the
Testing for mineral deficiencies and heavy metals can be overwhelming. However, a hair mineral analysis is a safe, affordable, and incredibly effective way to learn about your body and what is going on inside it. The more you know, the more efficient actions you can take towards healing.  A single

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