Breast Health Awareness Month
It’s that time of year again. If you are a Healing Diva, then you know what that means! If you are just starting out on your Healthy Breast journey, don’t worry. You will learn all about why this month is so special in this article! This month the “big wigs”
In the last article, we learned how a plant substance called Salicinium slows down the growth of cancer by halting the production of Nagalase enzyme.  There is no doubt that Salicinium is a powerful inhibiter of Breast Cancer when used alone. And when it is combined with other substances, such
If you are at the beginning stages of your healing journey with Breast Cancer, odds are you have come across the term “herbal chemo.” This may sound like an oxymoron, but there really are herbal substances that can cause cancer cells to implode – a process called apoptosis. Salicinium™ (sold
When it comes to understanding the epigenetics of cancer, it can be like going down the rabbit hole. So to keep it simple, I will focus on one particular gene expression called P53. When this gene is working correctly, it helps protect against pathogenic mutations of all kinds. When it


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