Dr. V's Podcast

Dr Lauren Cohen Podcast Ep#178
Don’t we all wish we “had a doctor in the family”? A trusted person to translate “doctor speak”. To help you navigate the complexities of treatment options, simplify your healing plan, or offer more personalized cancer care. In the often cold and disconnected world of cancer care, Dr. Lauren Cohen
Dr Elizabeth Boham Podcast
Elizabeth Boham, MD, IFMCP, MS, RD is a breast cancer survivor (or, as I like to say, thriver!), a functional medicine physician, and a nutritionist who teaches women how to prevent cancer. She’s one brilliant woman, so of course, we had to chat on my podcast! At the young age
Nicole Saleske Podcast Interview
Your body doesn’t make mistakes—rather, it responds to its environment—something you (for the most part) have control over. It’s not about the tumor, it is about the terrain. This is the terrain-centric approach (compared to tumor-centric) that of Nicole Saleske, NP. I’m delighted to have her on the podcast because
Interview with Dr. Nathan Goodyear
Dr. Nathan Goodyear is on a bold mission to do the impossible: teach his patients’ bodies how to heal all types of cancers through integrative oncology therapies. He’s a brilliant integrative and naturopathic oncologist, a Fellow in Functional and Regenerative Medicine, a medical Advisor for NEO7 Bioscience, a Medical consultant