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Jeffrey Smith Podcast
Are planting with GMOs the “root” cause of dis-eases? Thanks to Jeffrey Smith’s trailblazing documentaries, books, speeches, and interviews, the majority of Americans are now rejecting GMOs due to health and safety concerns. The food industry is taking action thanks to consumer rejection and health practitioner pressure! On top of
Victoria Johnson Podcast
Going from feeling “not enough” to MORE than enough is possible. You have the power to heal your life and experience more abundance. It just takes some work that will be totally worth it!  In today’s show, I’m talking with Victoria Johnson, a teacher and coach trainer for Heal Your
Dr Michelle
My unhealed past trauma was part of what caused my breast cancer, and I know it is the same for many of you. This is why Essential #4 is Heal Your Emotional Wounds and why I’m thrilled to host Dr. Michelle Dawson on the podcast! With a doctorate in Mind-Body
“Having compassion for yourself is what really brings the body back home.” Dr. Mona Meyer spent 10 years researching cancer before flowing into energy and nervous system work. Cancer is an incredibly complex challenge, and true remission requires full mind, body, and spirit healing. Dr. Meyer is now a certified