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School is in session! Get your pencils out—it’s time to learn to master your mindset. Life is perfect and a huge classroom full of Gifts & Lessons, but only if one chooses to look at life with Gratitude! YOU matter, and it’s time to create 100% Responsibility for everything you
Christine Elliot Podcast
In this episode, we discuss some tips for surviving and thriving after cancer.  The importance of mindset, nutrition, and lifestyle changes, as well as the role of conventional and alternative therapies in a comprehensive cancer care plan. Stage 3 breast cancer and stage 2 lung cancer are “so so scary.”
emotional trauma, stress, and cancer podcast
How critical is healing emotional trauma and stress for cancer prevention? Honestly, if I were to start over with the 7 Essentials System®, I would put Essential #4 (Heal Your Emotional Wounds) as number one because it’s that critical for healing. Emotional trauma and stress are triggers that can initiate
Meditation and Cancer Podcast
How can meditation help if you have been diagnosed with breast cancer?  Countless studies on mediation have shown positive effects on decreasing psychological stress, depression, anxiety, fatigue, and fear of recurrence. Even more, cancer cells have receptor sites for adrenaline. Therefore, you CAN stop fueling cancer by getting into relaxation