Dr. V's Podcast

Diane Kazer Podcast
We discuss explant surgery and alternatives to implants with Diane Kazer.  Diane is an X-Pro Soccer Player, now Coach to Health Coaches, Ego Slayer, and Functional Nutrition Practitioner with a background in yoga, personal training, and financial planning. Over the years she has struggled with hormone, skin, energy, addiction, mood,
Kenny Perkins a former oncology radiation therapist and now a cancer coach believes that we should be fighting cancer together.  He is the founder and host of All Talk Oncology. A podcast that empowers cancer patients through insightful conversations. As an eyewitness to the daily struggles and a listener to
Charlene Wheeless
Charlene Wheeless is teaching women about reclaiming a life of authenticity with her new book, You Are Enough!  Throughout her career, Charlene rose steadily through the ranks. In almost every job, she was the first Black woman to (fill in the blank)—including in her current role, as chairman of the Page
Tara Coyote Podcast 2021
Tara Coyote has been journeying with late-stage breast cancer for almost five years. She treats it using complementary methods: a blend of conventional and non-toxic medicine.  Also, Tara has been publicly sharing her health journey through her blog page, YouTube channel, and social media. She is very grateful to be