There are very few reliable blood tests that can actually help predict the possibility of developing cancer as well as monitoring the progress through specific treatments. Dr. Emil Schandl, a clinical biochemist and oncobiologist has developed a battery of blood tests designed to predict the risk of developing cancer long
I talk to women with Breast Cancer from all over the globe every week. One of the questions in my Coaching program is, “Do you have root canals? If so, how many and where?” I ask the question because I believe that root canals increase your risk for Breast Cancer
Have you ever thought about your cookware increasing your risk for Breast Cancer?  Modern cookware is designed to support our fast pace lifestyle:  “no-mess and easy to clean”. However, that “no-stick and easy-clean-up” comes with a high price. Nonstick cookware is manufactured with a chemical called PFOA or C8.  The
A conversation about enemas can stimulate everything from laughter to horror. There are many old wives tales about enemas and how they can “cure” everything from the common cold to cancer. So let’s took a look at the facts and science behind the use of enemas. Ancient civilizations included enemas

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