Most of us are all too familiar with how important balancing gut bacteria is on the Healthy Breast path. If you have been on this journey for a while, then you know that there is a direct connection between microorganisms and health. But did you also know that your “microbiome”
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This blog is being published with permission by Marcus Ellis.** Over 600,000 Americans die from cancer each year. Sadly, many of these deaths are absolutely unnecessary. Conventional oncology holds tightly to a limited toolbox which includes deadly chemotherapy, radiation, drugs, unnecessary or invasive surgeries, and other such toxic treatments. Most
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Xeno-estrogens are one of the primary causes of most estrogen-positive Breast Cancers. There are hundreds of toxins that can be the source of them. This includes heavy metals, also called metallo-estrogens. Discovering where they may be hiding in your environment is the first step to getting rid of them from
You may have heard about peptides in terms of their skin-tightening and beauty-enhancing properties. Indeed, peptides are the key ingredient in collagen (and the collagen supplements that are all the rage these days). The anti-aging benefits of peptide therapy, however, are not just skin deep. Since the 1970’s, Russian scientists


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