The tropical fruit Soursop has recently become a popular natural breast cancer healing remedy, so I’m sharing the sweet and sour of it. Before we begin, I want to plainly say that one remedy or treatment will never be your end-all, be-all. Not even chemotherapy. There are several factors that
Apeel's produce coating
I first learned about Apeel’s toxic produce coating from the Deep Roots at Home blog and continued to investigate further. The food you choose to fuel your body has one of the biggest impacts on your healing journey, which is why Essential #1 (of my 7 Essentials System®) is Let
As poetically said on the Floré website, “You are a symphony of microbes” that collectively influence your mood, immune system, GI tract, energy levels, respiratory system, and even breast cancer. Meaning, it’s a tune we should all be singing. What makes it even more beautiful is that your microbiome is
breast cancer testing
breastca The short answer: NO, it is not the best option for breast cancer screening.  The long answer: First, I want you to know I’m here to help YOU make educated and empowered decisions about your healing journey. I have dedicated decades to researching and sharing (via my blog, podcast,

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