microbiome and breast cancer
Your microbiome and breast cancer are directly connected. There’s emerging and exciting research—solutions—that focus on microbiome health and breast cancer healing. This article will dive into a few insights and solutions, so please keep reading to learn more and take action. However, if you only remember one thing from this
dry brushing for breast cancer healing
Dry brushing is a quick, relaxing, and easy breast cancer therapy that you can do at home whenever you want. It supports your lymphatic, nervous, and immune systems all while providing a relaxing and invigorating self-care therapy. Dry brushing has certainly received some strokes of popularity lately. However, the practice
seed cycling for hormone balancing
NOTE: Do NOT try to balance hormones on your own. Please only work with your medical team and Breast Cancer Conqueror Coach. There is no one standard approach, and testing is critical every step of the way. Seed cycling for hormone balance can be super helpful for women who are
Inflammation and breast cancer
About 95% of ALL cancers have inflammation in common, and it impacts all stages of tumor development, including initiation, progression, and metastasis. Chronic inflammation also creates an inviting environment for cancer (and most major dis-eases) to develop and grow due to immunosuppression. Clearly, inflammation is something you should be hyper-aware

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