dental amalgams
What happens in your mouth doesn’t only stay in your mouth. There are millions of tiny capillaries in the lining of your mouth that directly end up in your bloodstream. Your mouth is also the entry point to your digestive tract, which makes up about 80% of your immune system
Many of the women I have supported in the last 40+ years had one common issue: Toxic Amalgams. About 9 out of 10 of my patients have adverse effects on their health due to dental toxicities!! If you truly want to heal your body, you MUST address your dental issues.
the placebo effect
Please note: Healing by thought is just ONE of the tools you can use on your healing journey. It absolutely should NOT be the only tool. “We all have our own personal limits — whether they are related to our ability to create abundance in our life, our capacity to
Have you ever engaged in self-talk such as: “This is just the way I am, and I can’t change.” “Why do I keep falling for narcissistic and toxic men?” “I know I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, but I can’t help it.” Or have you noticed harmful patterns in

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