7 Essentials System® Coaching Program

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| Aug, 04 2018

7 Essentials System® Coaching Program

Kelly Bilenki and De’Ann Richter are integral parts of the knowledgeable and supportive Breast Cancer Conqueror® team. 

They each coach hundreds of women throughout the country and across the globe to live their best life through healing of the body, mind and soul with the 7 Essentials System® Coaching Program.   

Kelly is a Health Coach and serves in that capacity with Breast Cancer Conqueror. She is also a registered nurse who spent 8 years in the oncology department at the National Institutes of Health.  She brings her experience to now help women create vibrant health naturally.  

De’Ann is also a Health Coach and serves in that capacity with Breast Cancer Conqueror. She is a registered nurse who had grown up in her family’s health food store.  She has combined her knowledge of both alternative and conventional medicine to best support women on their healing journeys. 

Today Dr. V speaks with both Kelly and De’Ann about the 7 EssentialsSystem® and how it is applied to their coaching programs

They share some of the success stories they have witnessed during their time coaching and what they feel are some of the hardest obstacles to overcome on a natural healing journey.


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(1:09) – Kelly’s background and how she came to be a coach at Breast Cancer Conqueror

(4:02) – De’Ann’s story of how she became a coach and her special “connection” to Dr. V

(7:20) – What the 7 Essentials System has taught them and how they apply it in their coaching program

(12:20) – Some success stories and examples of how the 7 Essentials System® has helped others on a coaching program

(15:32) – Alternative options for dealing with a tumor besides surgery

(17:35) – Which Essential seems to be the most difficult for women to start with

(21:04) – Why women come to Breast Cancer Conqueror®   for coaching