Create Your Own Definition Of “New Normal”

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| Nov, 07 2023

Create Your Own Definition Of “New Normal”

Dr Amy Morris Podcast

You don’t need to accept a “new normal” (what a complacent term!) because there are strategies to get you out of that. You CAN lose weight even if your treatments force you into menopause or are there naturally. You CAN be hot flash-free, even without using hormones. You CAN reclaim your energy. You CAN make strategic decisions from a place of power.

Today, I’m chatting with fellow cancer thriver – Dr. Amy Morris. She founded The Cancer Freedom Program to support women feeling at home in their post-cancer treatments body.

We dive into specifics such as the amount of protein your cells need, curating a plan to lower your recurrence risk, mindset work, and more. Tune in and take notes because YOU are in charge of how you feel and recover. 

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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

Dr. Amy’s Personal Journey: Dr. Amy recounts her unexpected diagnosis of ovarian cancer, despite being in the midst of a successful career in cancer care.

Challenges Post-Treatment: Dr. Amy highlights the challenges she faced post-treatment, from physical exhaustion to emotional disconnect. Despite being declared cancer-free, she struggled with lingering side effects from chemotherapy and the expectation that she should just accept this as her “new normal.”

Cancer Recovery and the “New Normal”: Dr. Amy Morris emphasizes that accepting a “new normal” post-cancer treatment is a term of complacency. Instead of settling, she advocates for strategies to truly recover and reclaim life after cancer. She created the Cancer Freedom Program to fill the gap between being declared “cancer-free” and fully recovering.

Research and the Gap in Cancer Recovery: Dr. Morris underscores the importance of post-treatment recovery. Oncologists excel at treating cancer, but once a patient is declared cancer-free, there’s often a lack of guidance for full recovery. To address this, Dr. Morris extensively researched and developed a plan to assist cancer survivors in their journey to full recovery.

Busting Cancer Myths – Focus on Food: A significant myth Dr. Morris addresses is the fear associated with food among cancer survivors. Instead of inducing fear, she believes in empowering individuals by educating them about foods that can aid in recovery. She emphasizes the importance of hitting ideal protein targets and eating a more plant-forward diet.

Addressing the Emotional Trauma: Beyond the physical aspects, Dr. Morris acknowledges the emotional trauma that comes with a cancer diagnosis and its treatment. She believes in the importance of healing both physically and emotionally. A significant part of recovery is addressing the fear of recurrence and ensuring mental well-being.