Are GMOs the “root” cause of dis-eases?

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| Sep, 26 2022

Are GMOs the “root” cause of dis-eases?

Jeffrey Smith Podcast

Are planting with GMOs the “root” cause of dis-eases? Thanks to Jeffrey Smith’s trailblazing documentaries, books, speeches, and interviews, the majority of Americans are now rejecting GMOs due to health and safety concerns. The food industry is taking action thanks to consumer rejection and health practitioner pressure!

On top of leading a global movement, Jeffrey is the founding executive director of the Institute for Responsible Technology and the founder of the Protect Nature Now campaign to safeguard the global microbiome.

Listening to this mind-boggling episode will open your eyes to a link between breast cancer, your microbiome, glyphosate, and GMOs. This interview is also for everyone you know because GMOs and horrific toxins such as RoundUp target a wide range of dis-eases from Alzheimer’s to digestive disorders. Get out your notepad; it’s time to listen, learn, and leap into action!

P.S. To start thinking HUGE (thinking “big” is so last century, as Jeffrey says!), claim this free Non-GMO Guide and Glyphosate Testing Results Report and say NO to GMO! 


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(5:56) – GMOs and Healing

(9:36) – Tips to avoid GMOs

(14:57) – Connection between GMOs and Cancer

(17:31) – How GMOs are liked to Leaky Gut

(22:24) – The effect of GMOs on Detoxification

(38:13) – How you can Help