Be Your Best After 50 with Debra Atkinson

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| Dec, 03 2018

Be Your Best After 50 with Debra Atkinson

In this Episode of Breast Cancer Conqueror, Dr. V interviews Debra Atkinson.  As a master personal trainer, strength and wellness coach Debra has over 30 years experience in the fitness industry. She’s an author of four books including her newest Hot, Not Bothered.  

Today they discuss the mindset of movement, ideal exercises for women over 50 as well as some of the biggest exercise mistakes women are making today.  Find out what high priority exercises you can do for the best ROI and gain access to Debra’s 5-day short video series of exercises that can be done at home.     


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(3:17) – Debra’s Story

(4:35) – The secret about exercise research and women

(9:03) – Only 30% are moving their exercising enough to affect change

(12:38) – Addressing the time factor when it comes to exercise

(15:00) – How to start exercising when your joints already hurt

(16:41) – types of exercise for post-menopausal women

(19:01) – What to do if you aren’t seeing results

(21:47) – free Gift, Five Day Flip