Becoming the CEO of Your Own Health with Dr. Mariza Snyder

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| Nov, 19 2018

Becoming the CEO of Your Own Health with Dr. Mariza Snyder

Dr. Mariza Snyder is a wellness practitioner and the author of six books including The Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils.  Dr. Snyder lectures on hormone health, essentials oils, nutrition, and detoxification.

Today Dr. Snyder discusses the powers of Essential oils and how they help to support us on an energetic level.  Find out how to combat toxicity, boost your immune system and balance your hormones all with the use of Essential oils.  She also shares with us some of her favorite oils and blends recipes.  As a free gift for our listeners, Dr. Mariza Snyder is providing us with the top 5 essential oils for essential support.


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(2:39) – Her Journey to Essential Oils

(11:38) – Top 5 Essential Oil recommendations

(13:19) – Safety when it comes to Essential Oil use

(14:59) – A great blend for Mood Support

(17:32) – The Superwoman blend

(19:59) – Frequencies of the oils and which is has the highest

(21:21) – Top oils to support women on a healing journey

(25:28) – The Book and what it entails

(26:58) – The Free Gift