Benefits of Haelan with Jared Todesco

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| Oct, 01 2018

Benefits of Haelan with Jared Todesco

Today Jared Todesco discusses his product, Haelan 951.  Haelan is a Concentrated Fermented Soy Product that has many health benefits especially for those on a cancer healing journey. 

Grown at an elevation of 3300 feet the beans used are a truly Organic, Non-GMO species of Soy Bean.  The Fermentation of the Soy Beans is what makes Haelan anti-estrogenic, a great anti-inflammatory, and even beneficial for gut health.

The company uses the most stringent of manufacturing practices ensuring the highest quality standards.  Haelan has a full-time staff dedicated to walking you through the insurance reimbursement process so that it can be even more affordable.

With over 5300 testimonials to how Haelan has benefited its clients, this company and product is something worth looking into.   


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(3:19) – How Jared got started with Haelan

(9:28) – How Haelan delivers the most anti-cancer properties found in one bottle

(11:11) –  25 pounds of fermented soy in one bottle

(12:16) – How to mask the taste

(14:31) – Do you have tp drink this on an empty stomach

(16:51) – Haelan is a massive anti-inflammatory

(27:15) – Haelan is made in China, is it safe?

(29:49) – Insurance reimbursement for Haelan and how the company will help you get that