Busting Breast Cancer with Dr. Susan Wadia-Ells

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| Aug, 02 2021

Busting Breast Cancer with Dr. Susan Wadia-Ells

Dr Susan Wadia-Ells

Susan Wadia-Ells is a long-time cultural change agent. During the 1970s she organized women at Polaroid, creating the first affirmative action program for women within a Fortune 200 corporation. She soon became Polaroids corporate affirmative action manager and a mentor to other national womens groups fighting for equal pay, training, benefits, and career opportunities.  Afterward, Susan completed her Ph.D. in womens studies, before teaching over the next decade in Lesley Universitys Adult Baccalaureate Program.  Helping women learn to fearlessly write their unspoken ideas and life stories. During this time, while raising her son, she also created national feminist conferences on once-ignored or banned topics.  These included the landmark Womens Ways of Knowing Study.  Exploring the personal growth dimensions within motherhood; women and money, and understanding the power of womens menopausal years.

Her most recent and controversial, good news book, Busting Breast Cancer: Five Simple Steps to Keep Breast Cancer out of Your Body, is based on the new metabolic theory of cancer.  In this episode, Susan shares why we are living in an epidemic of Breast Cancer.  Her book details the political, economic, and biological reasons for the rise in Breast Cancer and how women could benefit from questioning authority.  Listen in as she explains more about the metabolic theory of cancer and her five simple steps to keeping breast cancer out of your body.

If you would like to share Dr. Susan’s book with other women in your life, she has offered our listeners a special discount.  Purchase two signed copies of the new book ($19.95) from Dr. Wadia-Ells’s website and mention Susan’s interview with Dr. V. you can receive a 3rd copy absolutely free!


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(2:14) – A pioneer for women

(5:60) – Attain Joy

(9:51) – The metabolic approach to cancer

(14:28) – It’s not about the genes but about the fuels

(17:01) – The importance of reducing sugar and glutamine

(20:20) – Triple-Negative Breast Cancer discovery

(22:46) – The issue with birth control and Progestin

(25:02) – The problems with mammography

(28:04)- The mental-emotional aspect

(29:52) – Question authority