Cancer Free! Are you Sure?

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| Aug, 05 2018

Cancer Free! Are you Sure?

Jenny Hrbacek is an RN, Breast Cancer Survivor, and author of the book, Cancer Free! Are you SURE?. 

Her book provides a roadmap for how to detect cancer years before standard screening methods typically find it. 

Jenny also hosts “Cancer Free University”, an online, on-demand resource that provides lifesaving information.

Today Jenny shares with us which tests are available in order to detect and prevent cancer.  How you can get a liquid biopsy as well as which supplements can be used to help heal naturally.  Her goal is to educate people so they can take the starting point for cancer and push it back.

As a gift to our listeners, Jenny has given us access to her  Cancer Free University.  Enter “Cancer50” on the payment screen for 50% off. 


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(1:23) – Jenny’s story and her personal healing journey

(4:27) – What is a liquid Biopsy

(8:16) – The IvyGene and what it can test for (** – update 2022 – the Ivy Gene is no longer available)

(10:08) – A very different test called the RGCC Greece test

(12:41) – What Jenny did on her own journey in order to heal

(14:46) – A biopsy versus the Videssa test

(17:33) – A Circulating Tumor Cell test called Biocept

(19:29) – Why you can’t just rely on one test

(23:30) – Cancer as a Metabolic “Dis-Ease” and the Ketogenic Diet


For more information on Jenny Hrbacek you can visit her site here