Enzyme Nutrition with Suzan Macco

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| Oct, 15 2018

Enzyme Nutrition with Suzan Macco

Suzan Macco is a Licensed Registered Nurse, Certified Digestive Health Specialist, and a Certified Natural Health Professional.  A two-time Breast Cancer Conqueror, Sue used Enzyme Nutrition and other natural therapies to overcome her health challenges.

In this episode, Suzan explains how you can use Enzyme Nutrition to heal anything from digestive issues to diseases like Cancer.  As a free gift to our listeners, Suzan has offered an amazing discount on her program.


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(2:27) – Choosing a clinic in Mexico over conventional medicine

(5:23) – Enzyme Protocol

(6:22) – A Recurrence

(9:22) – 4 months from Stage 4 to a clean PET scan

(11:10) – What to expect with a consult

(13:54) – Urinalysis and gut health

(16:22) – The problem with Alkaline Water

(18:51) – How enzymes work to heal Cancer and decrease inflammation

(24:51) – How to contact Suzan