Everything about Essential Oils

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| Aug, 27 2018

Everything about Essential Oils

Dr. Eric Zielinkski is an aromatherapist public health researcher and chiropractor. In 2014 Dr. Z started his online ministry to help people learn how to use natural remedies like essential oils safely and effectively.

Today he shares everything you would want to know about Essential Oils. He discusses their benefits, the right and wrong ways of using them as well as the top 12 Oils proven to help with Breast Cancer.

As a special gift to our audience Dr. Z has made his Master Class available. Here you will have access to his 10 part video Master Class on Essential Oils. This class dives deep into the history of oils, their uses in treating and preventing many diseases and how you can go about incorporating them into your life properly and effectively.


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(4:06)- What are Essential Oils?

(5:48) – Three different ways to use Essential Oils

(10:59) – Minimize Environmental toxins by using this recipe

(13:47) – What is a safe but effective dilution to use for Essential Oils

(17:39) – Top Essential Oils for Breast Cancer

(19:45) – The difference between Oils and Herbs for healing

(25:39) – The Masterclass explained