Following the 7 Essentials with Lynn Krippel

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| Apr, 29 2019

Following the 7 Essentials with Lynn Krippel

Back in January of 2011, Lynn Krippel was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  After undergoing Surgery, Chemotherapy, and Radiation treatments a new tumor formed and instead of more surgery Lynn decided to look for alternative and healthy ways to heal her body.  After finding Dr. V on The Truth About Cancer series, she attended the Healing Diva Retreats and found a community of like-minded women all on similar journeys.  With the help of Dr. V and her coaching programs, Lynn learned about the 7 Essentials System® and began a lifestyle transformation.  Today Lynn is happy and healthy, sharing the hope of natural healing and encouraging those she comes in contact with.  


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(2:06) – The first diagnosis

(4:03) – The RGCC test

(5:19) – The Healing Crisis

(7:48) – The Dental Connection

(12:21) – Attending the Cancun Retreat

(16:01) – The Emotional Piece

(19:27) – Joining the Community

(21:50) – Seasons Art by Lynn Dorman Krippel