Genetic Coaching with Steve Ottersberg

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| Jun, 10 2019

Genetic Coaching with Steve Ottersberg

Steve Ottersberg specializes in human genetics, and the role genetics play in CBD therapy.  Steve is also an Oncology Nutrigenomic Coach/Consultant at Optimal Terrain Consulting with his wife Dr. Nasha WintersAccording to Steve, if you are looking to optimize your health, or supercharge recovery from chronic illness, you need to start with your genetics!

In this episode, Steve talks about the endocannabinoid system and the benefits of CBD and THC for issues like Breast Cancer.  He promotes genetic testing and says it can be very helpful in determining whether CBD and/or THC will work with your body best.   Listen in to find out the details of this type of testing and what it can tell you.


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(1:12) – Who is Steve Ottersberg

(2:29) – The importance of genetic testing

(6:36) – The role of genetics in dealing with emotional traumas

(10:40) – The role of epigenetics when it comes to gene expression

(13:11) – Types of genetic testing available

(19:41) – The endocannabinoid system

(23:52) – Do your genes determine how you respond to cannabis therapy