Getting to the Root with Tracy Harrison

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| Jan, 28 2019

Getting to the Root with Tracy Harrison

Tracy Harrison is the founder of The School of Applied Functional Medicine.  Her passion is teaching practitioners to get to the true root causes of each client’s “dis-ease”, dysfunction, and imbalance, so they can find dramatic and sustainable relief.  

Today Tracy discusses Functional Medicine and how it compares to Conventional Treatments.  She addresses the importance of a healthy gut as well as the misconception of hormones as they relate to disease in the body. 


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(2:19) Tracy’s story

(7:03) – Functional medicine versus Conventional Medicine

(10:15) – How Functional Medicine could cure Asthma

(12:38) – Stopping the fear around hormones

(17:33) – Metabolism of hormones

(20:18) – Disease and the Gut

(24:21) – The role of Homocysteine

(31:48) – The role of pancreatic enzymes and how to test the overall health of the Pancreas

(33:26) – 4 simple things you can do today to keep your body healthy