Health and Hydrogen with Paul Barattiero

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| Oct, 29 2018

Health and Hydrogen with Paul Barattiero

Paul Barattiero, creator of the Echo water machine and founder of Synergy Science, Inc. Paul has been featured in “The Truth About Cancer” documentary, spoken on many radio and television shows. He has lectured across the world with the mission to educate people on the importance of molecular hydrogen and its effects on the body.

In this video, you will learn how to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, plus how to increase your gut flora and improve cognitive function. Can increasing Hydrogen in the body help with diseases such as Alzheimers and Parkinson’s? Plus, find out about Alkaline water and is it really good for you?

To learn even more click on the link for Free Access to Paul’s Echo Water Ebook v5. And make sure to listen until the end to receive a discount code, which can be used on any of Paul’s amazing products.


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(8:46) – The problem with Alkaline Water

(9:27) – Hydrogen is the key

(14:39) – The difference Hydrogen makes

(19:49) – What happens to the body after drinking Hydrogen Water

(23:15) – What differentiates the Echo from other Water Machines

(24:27) – Benefits noticed from drinking this Water

(26:27) – The energy and frequency of the Water

(28:35) – Opportunity for a discount