Holistic Breast Care with Aubrey Lesicki

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| Mar, 16 2020

Holistic Breast Care with Aubrey Lesicki

Holistic Breast Care

For 20 years Aubrey Lesicki has taught and studied the body from an integrative medicine approach. She is a leader in the arena of women’s health and holistic breast care. Aubrey emphasizes that the body’s wisdom is our best teacher.  She applies a mind-body-spirit approach to her breast massage and wellness coaching practice.

Through teaching hundreds of clients and therapists, Aubrey has distilled a decade of information into simple instructions.   She empowers women to take their breast health into their own hands.   Listen in to today’s episode as Aubrey explains the P.H.A.S.T technique.  This is a proprietary method that is part of holistic breast care and is used to increase circulation in the breasts.  To learn more about Aubrey and her technique visit her online at BreastRemedySeattle.com. 


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(2:45) – Dense breasts

(5:05) – Is breast massage safe for women with breast cancer?

(6:58) – P.H.A.S.T technique

(9:41) – Oils that are good for breast massage

(13:32) – The relaxation response and healing

(15:36) – The importance of self-breast exams and the My Breast Friend training tool

(19:52) – Free E-Book for breast health