Holly Bertone, Conquering with Pink Fortitude

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| Feb, 18 2019

Holly Bertone, Conquering with Pink Fortitude

Holly Bertone is a Breast Cancer Conqueror, Hashimotos Survivor and the CEO of Pink Fortitude, LLC.  Holly has turned her own health struggles into a passion to help others.  She has written an amazing book called Coconut Head’s Cancer Survival Guide: My Journey from Diagnosis to “I Do”.  She inspires others with her quick wit, brutal honesty, and simple ways to be healthy in real life. 

In this episode, Holly discusses how she dealt with a Breast Cancer diagnosis at the age of 38 and how she chose to see it as a gift.  She continues to live in gratitude every day.   As a gift to our listeners, Holly has given access to $50 worth of FREE ebooks and downloads, 3 of which are cancer-related.  


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(3:22) – Holly’s story

(5:44) – Importance of self-breast exams

(9:06) – Choosing a Conventional Road

(12:54) – Making a shift towards gratitude

(16:04) – Why Pink Fortitude

(17:35) – Advice for those with Hashimotos