Ways To Reel In Hormonal Balance And Energy With Seaweed

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| Dec, 25 2023

Ways To Reel In Hormonal Balance And Energy With Seaweed

Sachi Sing Podcast Interview

Sachi Singh is on a mission to build the future of sustainable healthcare and planetary care by helping women achieve hormonal balance, sustain all-day energy, and nurture their gut. She is doing this by empowering women to be nurtured by one of Mother Ocean’s greatest gifts: seaweed. 

One of my breast cancer root causes was low iodine and thyroid issues (learn all about it here), and discovering the naturally potent effects of seaweed was a tide-changer moment for me. It’s also why I’m thrilled to dive into the breast cancer healing benefits of seaweed and The Daily Bite on this episode. 

Even though I had thoroughly researched the topic, I furiously took notes the whole time. Therefore, I highly suggest listening with your notepad so you can join the women’s health + seaweed movement with me!

As a special gift to you, my loyal listener, take 15% off any Rootless order with the code: SEAWEED15. I’m certainly reeling in this deal as The Coconut Chai Bites taste like a special treat—and are overflowing with cancer-healing benefits!!


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

  1. Seaweed’s Nutritional and Environmental Benefits: Sachi Singh, with a background in international climate solutions and a master’s in environmental management from Yale, discusses the discovery of seaweed as a source of hope for a sustainable food system. 
  2. The Origin of “Rootless”: The name “Rootless” is a play on the fact that seaweeds are rootless, belonging to the algae family. Sachi resonates with this concept personally, seeing the rootlessness of seaweed as a metaphor for adaptability and strength. 
  3. Creating Tasty Seaweed Products: Addressing the polarizing taste of seaweed in the West, Rootless developed daily seaweed bites in various flavors to encourage regular consumption. These bites are designed to be a part of a daily ritual, offering a minimally processed, nutritious snack that’s enjoyable and not just medicinal.
  4. Health Benefits and Consumer Feedback: Consumers report improvements in energy levels, hormonal balance, and digestive health when eating Rootless snacks. This aligns with the company’s focus on iodine, a crucial element for women’s health, particularly during pregnancy and menopause.
  5. Vision for Rootless and Seaweed’s Role in Women’s Health: Sachi envisions Rootless as a women’s health company powered by seaweed, aiming to address the health needs of women, especially during hormonal transitions. The company’s goal is to integrate self-care with planetary care, leveraging the nutritional and environmental benefits of seaweed to improve human and planetary health.