Hormones & Balance with Magdalena Wszelaki

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| Aug, 19 2019

Hormones & Balance with Magdalena Wszelaki

Magdalena Wszelaki is the author of the best-seller cookbook Cooking for Hormone Balance, published by Harper Collins. She is the founder of Hormones Balance, a nutrition practice dedicated to helping women to rebalance hormones naturally. Magdalena is a certified nutrition coach, herbalist, speaker and educator with a long history of hormonal challenges.

Her health crisis was the direct result from a highly stressful life in advertising – starting from Graves’ and Hashimoto’s Disease (autoimmune conditions causing thyroid failure) to adrenal fatigue and estrogen dominance.  Today she is in full remission, lives a symptoms-free awesome life and teaches women how to accomplish the same in her book, and online resources.  Listen in to this episode as she shares her story and offers tips on how to naturally balance hormones.  As a free gift to our listeners, Magdalena has offered FREE access to her Seed Rotation Starter Kit.


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(3:00) – Magdalena’s Story

(9:59) – The different types of estrogen dominance

(15:05) – estrogen dominance in menopause and post menopause

(20:09) – Foods to balance Estrogen

(25:51) – How to get more out of your Brocolli Sprouts

(27:22) – How Flaxseed actually helps estrogen dominance

(31:07) – How bacteria in the gut can affect your hormone balance