7 Simple Steps for Health with Katie Rampen

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| Jul, 05 2021

7 Simple Steps for Health with Katie Rampen

Katie Rampen Podcast

Katie Rampen is two-time breast cancer “thriver,” mother, and Breast Cancer Recovery Advocate.  She helps women navigate a breast cancer diagnosis, advocate for themselves, and avoid recurrence.  She founded Katie’s Healthy Families and Kicking Breast Cancer with Katie to work side by side with women to overcome this disease and prevent it from recurring in the future.   Her mission is to educate and empower women to lead a happy, healthy life free from breast cancer.

Despite living what she thought was a healthy lifestyle, Katie was diagnosed with breast cancer twice.  She now realizes she left out several of her “7 Simple Steps to a Healthier You” and Dr. V’s “7 Essentials”.  Katie now teaches these simple steps in her online course/support group “Breast Health Empowerment Circle and in private coaching.  For our listeners, she has offered her Three Things You Need to Know to Prevent Breast Cancer and her 7 Simple Steps to a Healthier You.

For more on Katie, you can visit her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/KickingCancerWithKatie


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(2:14) – DCIS diagnosis

(3:49) – Pressured into surgery

(5:22) – Breast cancer after mastectomy

(7:08) – Making those choices

(9:41) – Focus on prevention

(12:48) – A second time

(14:19) – An integrative approach

(18:52) – Simple steps for a healthy life

(20:53) – Healing the emotional wounds

(25:00) – Become your own advocate

(28:20) – How to find Katie