Kick Can’t-cer with Tiah Tomlin

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| Apr, 01 2019

Kick Can’t-cer with Tiah Tomlin

Tiah Tomlin is a Breast Cancer Conqueror.  After being diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast “Can’t-cer” back in 2015 Tiah saw that there were gaps in resources and supportive services.  Tiah decided she wanted to be part of the solution and so she co-founded My Style Matters, Inc. which is a non-profit based out of Atlanta Georgia.  My Style Matters provides cancer warriors with educational materials to help them make healthy choices and lifestyle changes. 

Tiah has also created an online group called My Breast Years Ahead to help women who have been affected by any form of cancer in both the greater Atlanta and greater Memphis area.  Here they can get connected, share resources and provide support to one another.  Tiah has dedicated herself to being a community change agent and advocate by fighting against cancer, increasing awareness, speaking out about prevention, calling people to action with their health and giving people HOPE.


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(2:38) – Tiah’s story

(4:14) – The start of My Breast Years Ahead

(7:04) – Healthy choices while doing conventional treatments

(10:03) – Belief in healing

(14:20) – My Style Matters

(18:11) – Community is key