Meditation and Cancer

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| Apr, 10 2023

Meditation and Cancer

Meditation and Cancer Podcast

How can meditation help if you have been diagnosed with breast cancer?  Countless studies on mediation have shown positive effects on decreasing psychological stress, depression, anxiety, fatigue, and fear of recurrence. Even more, cancer cells have receptor sites for adrenaline. Therefore, you CAN stop fueling cancer by getting into relaxation mode (meditation) daily. It’s free, effective, and can be done at any location at any time!

Listen to this short podcast to learn more about the best meditations for Breast Cancer Conquerors and a few types of meditation techniques you can do right now.

Keep calm, and carry on!


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(2:28): How Meditation Helped Me on My Healing Journey

(3:46): Benefits of Meditation

(7:36): Let’s do Some Visualization

(10:12): How Stress Affects Cancer

(11:28): Types of Meditation

(16:34): My Favorite Way to Meditate

(20:44): Staying out of Fight or Flight