MyGreenFills with Stephen Ezell

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| Jun, 03 2019

MyGreenFills with Stephen Ezell

Stephen Ezell, the CEO of MyGreenFills and Founder/CEO of MemberBox. A passionate entrepreneur, philanthropist, and sustainable living enthusiast, Stephen is transforming laundry day by delivering safe, non-toxic products and eco-friendly refills straight to your door, on your schedule.

Today Stephen talks with us about chemicals and how he feels laundry detergent is the most toxic chemical in a home.  What ingredients are hiding in commercial brand laundry detergents and how that can affect our health are also discussed.  As a gift for our listeners, Stephen is offering a FREE Dirty Dozen Guide.


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(3:31) – The story behind MyGreenFills?

(6:43) – What is in typical laundry detergent that is harming us

(9:60) – The difference between MyGreenFills and store-bought detergent

(15:35) – Detergent and the Cancer link

(17:46) – The fragrance loophole and the problem with labeling laws

(22:43) – The toxicity of Dryer Sheets