Oral Health Matters with Dr. Ellie Phillips

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| Apr, 22 2019

Oral Health Matters with Dr. Ellie Phillips

Dr. Ellie Phillips has been a dentist for over 4 decades but prefers to think of herself as an Oral Health Educator.  She has been involved in oral health education and the prevention of dental disease throughout her career and has written books, including Mouth Care Comes Clean, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye, and The Power of Xylitol.  Her passion is in preventing dental disease and helping people learn how to care for their teeth, so they can experience the healthiest mouth possible.

In this episode, Ellie shares her thoughts on dentistry and how she believes that the best dentistry is actually No dentistry.  She explains why dental cleanings can actually do more harm than good, why drinking liquids throughout the day are harmful to your teeth, and how a teaspoon a day of Xylitol can be one of the best ways to help get rid of plaque. 


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(1:45) – Ellie’s story

(7:13) – Why you should never floss

(11:38) – The Biofilm in your mouth

(16:29) – How strong acidic foods cause cavities

(18:41) – Dental Cleanings – necessary or marketing scam?

(22:52) – Ways to test your oral health

(25:46) – Why you should have 2 toothbrushes

(30:16) – Greens for healthy saliva

(33:16) – Why drinking too many liquids can be harmful to your teeth

(35:21) – The benefits of Xylitol

(41:40) – Her thoughts on Root Canals and why she didn’t replace her amalgam fillings

(44:34) – Do children really need dental cleanings?